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handguards and gloves...earrings, and the sephiroth hair style
Katanas!!! please biggrin
Shay's coat, bandages and neck "ring"
(from Bend)
Biker Gear, Helmets and Boxing Gloves.

and pompadour hairstyles! and throw in some short curly hair for good measure.

I think you guys should just allow boys and girls to buy each other's clothes straight off. sometimes I feel a bit foxy and would like to dress for the occasion... reowr!
I've said this before, but since this thread is official...

Magical girl wands!
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I think little animal suits would be cute, like a teddy bear or a frog outfit. (Meh, I'm just strange, I guess.) Horns would be cute, too: unicorn horns (for the forehead), devil horns... angel halos?
*agrees with previous posters*

Well, it isn't an item really, but we need one of those mischievous kitty mouths. Like this -----> :3
You miss the bold hairstyles! And can you do bionic armors or robotic pets. And magic glows on some parts of the characters.
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Facial hair and tatoos!

Or lots of fancy dress.

Top hat! Bowler hat! Fancy pre-revolution French Aristocracy wigs!
Pretty much agree with everyone else. Definately trench coats (or any long black coat would suit me just fine ^_^ wink and angel/demon/bat wings would be awesome ;p

Perhaps some long skirts? and black gloves? Heck more of anything that's black ^_^;;;;;

Cat tails would be cute to go with the cat ears and such.

More dresses too.

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hmmm, capes and cloaks would be cool. oh, and straps, useless but cool looking straps XD
Yeah straps! Straps and buckles. And those crisscrossy belt things like what Squall wears. We could use some cooler skirts too, and badass pants for us ladies.
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Watches, various other time pieces (is picturing griant grandfather clock being dragged by an avatar), knives.

Oh, clothing in plaid and tweed (I hear its the new plaid).
Overcoats!! Matrix like... those are sweet

Oh, wait, sorry, Americans call it Trenchcoats, right? Right, Trenchcoats...

Oh, and summertime should have Bikini options...

what? I'm a healthy guy
Little plush type thingies for the characters to hold.
Chibi-dolls too.

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