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Ooo and kimonos! Furisode...etc
Big black knee high boots! With lots of belts! *drools*
*whispers* "I would kill to wear a Kuja styled outfit..."
Not items but a darker skin color and shockingly bright purple eyes. They shine with EVIL...or purity
definetly some tatoos - I know someone else said it, I thin it'd be great to go shirtless with style biggrin

-elbow/knee pads
-body piercing (lip, ear, bellybutton, nose)
-different styles of underwear
-spiky shoulderpads
-bracelets and other assorted jewlery

maybe even have different stores for different styles like a goth/punk store, a preppy store, and armor store, etc...
ok so i dint read all the psot (lazzy me) so in case someone already said this im sorry.so here are my suggestions

-the bruce lee yellow costume (WATTAHH!!)
-a pimp outfiet
-knight oufit(there should be one no?)
-racoon outfit biggrin
-Matrix outfit

well there more but you can think of better

cheers biggrin
i'm thinkin.. scarves that cover your mouth..
and tattered cloaks.. i wanna look like a mix of these homeboys:
arrow http://www.go-gaia.com/images/collage2.jpg
get rid of the bad layer code in the store that dun work on IE 5 for macs smile

in the art section it takes way too long to choose a category. I would be easier to type it in. There's no "original" category either.

gothic lolita dresses? Fairy wings? horns? Kistune ears/tails?
Something hippie! Or something... and like I said before, PAJAMAS!!! and fluffy slippers.
lotita dresses, harry potter glasses, kistune ears/tales, fairy wings, horns, witch hats, mmmm, hats with kitty ears, STRIPED SOCKS/TIGHTS.

*edit* I just posted twice....O_o
red dungarees, a fat black tash and a plunger.
rubber godzilla outfit
neko outfit
big, pointy codpiece like all the eva's have
full set of ninja stuff in different colors tabi boots and all and samurai stuff hakama pants etc...

Until then I remain the naked ninja...Rikimaru
My goddess that would make a great story.
The mystery, the drama, the bare..

Coming to a theater nowhere even close to you....

RIKIMARU: Legend of the naked ninja
Okay, that's it I'm going to bed.
I actually get to see a chibi Rikimaru naked... *looks back and fourth at the Tenchu cover* @_@;;
Again would be cool if all the big items like shirts and stuff had RGB sliders so that you can really cutomize the colour. pets would be cool, and food stuffs, like waffles and other hand held edibles.

headphones would be good, and even clothing from other countries,

maybe for 10000 gold you get the boys to make you custom suit by one of your designs. you match it to your sprite then they upload it to only you, that would be a neato reward for being on the site alot.

caps, canadians need their touques.
Pets would be an excellent addition. It would most likely be placed next to our char ava.
monkey tail
pikachu tail
Tails of any sort! They'd go great with the accompanying ears!

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