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A calm smile, and the twin grey glittered at the closed door. Faint noises - conversation, by the lilt of it - filtered inside, and Tefla rubbed his chin with a thoughtful hand, and then a smile. Why not? It wasn't as if he had anything else to do.

The hand slipped to caress the rugged metal, a solid turn. Surprisingly, it slid open without a squeal, and Tefla noted that whoever ran this place must care for it very much. Or, at the very least, became easily aggravated.

A laugh, and he slipped inside, the hand running through the dark hair. Tefla picked through the change in atmosphere easily, heading down the blue-lit stairs, the delicate nostrils of that shaped nose picking up some fairly interesting scents indeed....

"Well," he stated simply, a carefree grin in greeting, hands resting casually in the pockets of the jacket he wore ((and doesn't have on his avatar, 'cause of poorness at the moment.))
Aleon glanced behind him at the man in the doorway, his piercing eyes fixed upon his figure, "I must apologize. The bartender has stepped out for the moment and I must admit... I'm not the one to ask about alcohol." He bowed in a curt manner, standing coolly to scrutenize the newcomer.
"Well, I'd thought I'd heard voices; glad to see I'm not going crazy, after all." Tefla smiled warmly, the quick steps taking him forward towards the man and into the main room, and a strong hand extended itself, meaning to shake. "Not a drinker, eh? That's fine; I'm sure I can rustle something up on my own. I'm Tefla."

He waited to see if the man would shake his hand, but more importantly, to see if he noticed or reacted to the lines of the sigil that peeked out of his cuff like a brand. It would be the easiest way of knowing the company he found himself among, though the smell of the man gave him his suspicions.
He blinked a few times, stood, and took the man's hand in a firm shake, "I'm sorry, might I... have a name?" A smirk coiled at his lips as he relenquished his grip and stood to move away from the bar towards one of the tables near the center of the room.
// Nevermind. A little busy. D: //
The barest whisper of teeth through the grin, and Tefla blinked knowingly, the wrist returning to hide the mark in his cuff. "I don't know, do you have a name?" he laughed goodnaturedly, taking his own direction to sidle behind the bar, one set of fingers hovering over the mouths of bottles as he browsed the labels. "I'm Tefla, as I said," he replied, knowing that's what the man meant. "Did you want anything? Or are you really not much of a drinker?"

The sound above, and Tefla craned his neck slightly over a shoulder, nostrils flaring to pick up scent. Someone else - another of nature's little genetic surprises, by the smell of him - and as he turned back to choose a bottle, Tefla mused that this place was quite the hotspot for the unusual. Or would be, when it picked up.

And that sounded just fine to him.

((Be right back, ten minutes or so.))

Tefla lifted an eyebrow, looking over his shoulder again for the man's reply, before turning back to the slew of bottles. Hands dove, plucked, and he lifted the thin neck of a bottle of Grey Goose. "Mmm, shame," he murmured to himself; it would have been better chilled, and the grey eyes searched for a cool place to store it for the moment. He'd have to figure something else to drink.
Aleon shook his head, cradling it in his palm with a laugh, "Excuse me. I'm a bit out of it this evening. And no drinks, thank you. I'm fine." He turned once again to face another newcomer that stood in the doorway. He watched as he turned and exited as soon as he had entered. With a grimace, he took a seat at the table beside him and rested his torso on the tabletop, his forehead facedown on the wooden surface.
Tefla laughed, glancing over a strong shoulder again. "Too much from the night before, eh?" The glimmer of a grin, and the fingers rummaged yet again, settling for a poured glass of a few fingers of warm whiskey before settling the vodka bottle into the cooler. Whiskey, now, whiskey he didn't mind warm, or straight, for that matter, but vodka...vodka! That needed to chill to be proper. Shame he couldn't just set it outside, as in the old days...

Tefla smiled to himself, the glass in a hand. He glanced to the newcomer, the free hand motioning to the bar in a wide flourish that offered the drinks to the zebraman even as it implied him to serve himself...and simultaneously served to give a glimpse of that tattoo that rested on the right wrist, that careful notation of heritage that would reveal much to those who were familiar and what would confound or impress those who didn't.

The quick steps took him to the man's table, and Tefla pulled out a chair across from him with a soft glide of wood on floor. The man proceeded to make himself at home, feet propped in the empty seat beside him, and Tefla smiled, offering a brief toast. "To the evening, Mr...?" he asked, seeking the name again, and he let the gesture of the raised glass include the zebraman, should he care to join.

((Er, exnay on the bit for Zach, I didn't catch his mention of being busy. Nevermind ^_^; ))
// Bah! Well, I was RPing elsewhere before, but not anymore. So I'm back! xD Sorry 'bout that. I'm here now. //

Zack's ears perked up and his blue eyes blinked at the other two men in the room. he headed on over to the two, his hands digging into his pockets. He had a very laid back look about him, not bothering to stand up straight or look proper by any means. He hated that. His tail swished back and forth behind him as he stepped past the two, lifting a hand to point to the bar, then he finally spoke.
"Am oi allowed ta jus' git ih' mahself er do oi gotta wait fer someone?"
The australlian asked, waiting patiently. He didn't want to get in trouble for something so stupid. There were witnesses! If no one was around, then sure, he'd just grab himself a beer. He'd been craving on all day. Zack lifted his cigarette back up to his lips, taking a hit. He blew the smoke out from his nose and it pushed past his septum piercing, making him look like a bull.
"Just put whatever you take back, sir that's all I ask." Aleon said calmly, raising his head to issue his statement. He turned to Tefla as he took a seat beside him, "My name is Aleon Kyoushi, forgive me for not stating that earlier." A yawn seized him. He raised his tatooed arms high above his head. He leaned back in his chair, folding his arms over his torso, "So what brought you to the bar, Tefla?"
((In that case, take all of my actions directed towards you just as they are in previous posts, then. Welcome back! ^_^ ))

Ah, then. "Aleon Kyoushi, then. And it's no problem, it's a pleasure." The white teeth grinned back at the man. "As for what brought me, well, same as our friend here...just a bit of the drink." He leaned his weight on an elbow, twisting the relaxed form to look at the zebraman, the easy smile still evident.

"By all means. Not that it's my place or anything, but it seems that happens to be the means to an end. I've just put a bit of vodka in the cool if you'd like." The hand with the glass of whiskey motioned, not spilling a drop.
Aleon peered with interest between the two men as they chatted. He felt bad for being antisocial, but the truth was he had just returned from a dangerous raid and he was extraordinarily exhausted.
He muttered to himself, heading behind the bar. He didn't feel like vodka though.He wanted beer. Didn't matter what kind, aslong as it was beer. He reached into the fridge or the cooler, whichever, and he pulled out a beer with one hand, the other still holding his cigarette. He'd take one last drag from his cigarette, finishing it off before he flicked it onto the floor, stepping on it as he passed. He brought his beer back to the table while the smoke leaked out from his lips. The one guy seemed pretty quiet.... the other one seemed like a talker, which was good. He looked pretty plain though.. but he knew he shouldn't be picky. He came here for a reason. Company. He'd take just about anyone, so long as he didn't have to sit around by himself. He popped the top off his beer and sat down next to the other two, inviting himself into their little conversation without asking. He didn't really give a damn and the one guy didn't seem to mind. What did he say his name was? ********, he couldn't remember.
Tefla raised an eyebrow at Aleon, noting the lines of exhaustion that edged into the man's features. "Need a bit of coffee, chum? Seems somebody has had a long day." A good-natured chuckle, and Tefla lifted his glass in brief welcome - but didn't bother to remove his feet from the other chair - to the zebraman as he settled beside them.

"Quite the distinctive accent you've there," Tefla remarked, the smoked eyes examining the stripes from above the rim of the glass, the lilt of his own voice colored by its own far more untraceable tinge. "Australia, is it? Haven't been there yet, myself." He savored a touch of the warming liquid, eyes slitting shut for a moment in pleasure...not the best he'd ever had, but good enough for the time. "How is it? The country, that is."

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