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Aleon glanced up at him, raising a single black eyebrow at his statement, "Clean... is not what I'd call it." Although he may seem like a frank, simple nobody, there were plenty of things about him that he chose to leave undiscussed... "If you really must know, I'm a wanted assassin. Fancy that, eh?" He smirked, a single fang gleaming from between his lips. It had been a long while since he had sat down and had a normal discussion with anyone. His job did not provide many opportunities for him to do so. It was, understandably, a pretty lonely profession.
"Don't worry about it, Aleon," Tefla laughed a little, but it was clear he wasn't laughing at the man. "If you're that tired, you'll probably pass out before too long. You look like you're halfway there, man; what the hell have you been up to, anyway?" The eyebrow raised, and Tefla's hand lifted to toss back the doubleshot with impressive ease. The tip of a pink tongue darted out, flicking the drops of vodka from his lips, and he set the shotglass down with an equal thump...not because it was truly getting to him, but to make the man feel a bit better about his own landing.

Tefla tilted his head towards the door, eyes focused on Zach. "You ought t'check the bars around here; there's a fair bit of music in this scene, and one of them might be hiring. Hell, there might even be a job here, if the owner ever shows face, that is." Tefla shrugged, the eyebrow lifting with interest again. "Hunting, eh? Just your run of the mill hunting, or anything in particular?" He had a bit of a gleam in his eye that suggested he did a bit of it himself, though, ah, his prey was normally a little...different.

As for his occupation, well.... Tefla laughed again, hand rooting in his other pocket for a sleek metal case, opened to reveal the thin lines of some pretty expensive business cards. Two fingers flicked one out, the rim balanced between his tips to offer itself to Zach. "I know what you're going to say about it, but," Tefla laughed again, the mirth evident on his face. "I'm a doctor. A massage therapist, at the moment, to be exact." He'd be teasingly ridiculed again for being wishy-washy, he knew, but Tefla really could give a s**t, honestly. It was the other perks of his occupational knowledge - and the jobs that those brought - that made the job worthwhile. "You ever get carpal tunnel in those drumming wrists, you give me a call."
"An assasin, huh? Sounds loike tough s**t."
Zack didn't like pointless fighting or killing. He didn't see the point in it.. but, to each their own. Both ears twitched and he turned his head back on over to Tefla. His fingers wrapped around the neck of his beer bottle, liftign it to his lips, but he paused, letting it hover infront of his lips as he replied.
"Just'a regular huntin' store. Fer animals. An' oi got a job at some otha bar. Think oi moight be takin' on too much, ya know? Oi gotta babysit fer moi friend too... tha b*****d..."
he mumbled toh imself, finally chugging back a good amount of his beer. He exhaled heavily after he removed the bottle from his lips, then he grinned. This guy gave massages? That was ******** sweet. The zebra grinned at the man, though he did it a little more flirtaciously now.
"Y'gotta show me wot ye got sometoime. Moi back's been killin' me."
He lied. He just wanted a free massage.
He sighed, "Well, for the last couple months I have been leading a raid against the man that murdered my father, mother, and brother with a gang of fellow assassins from my country." He murmured as though it was nothing. After he had spoken, he realized exactly how strange it must sound to the two of them. He stirred uncomfortably, "That must have sounded... bizarre to an outsider of my nation, my bad." he chuckled half heartedly. He sensed a shift in conversation on their side. He chuckled once more and reached for the bottle of red wine. Perhaps another glass would keep his mind off their... antics.
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The eyebrow lifted silently at Aleon's statement, the cool grey taking in the man as if trying to decide if he was telling the truth or not. It didn't seem like the man had any reason to lie, but, hey, Tefla could never be sure. After all, a combination of guys, bars, drinks...one thing usually led to another and there was always some sort of p***s-waggling involved in the course of the night, though it had yet to play out whether it'd be physical or verbal, tonight. "A wanted assassin, eh? You must have left too many witnesses if they know enough about you to want you." Tefla laughed a bit, lightening the mood slightly.

A nod to Zach, the nimble fingers pouring himself another shot. "Well, taking too much on yourself can certainly be stressful, yeah. Times like that, a good massage works wonders. Stop in my office sometime, we'll work out all the kinks." The grin slid itself around the edges of the shot before disappearing into the cooled liquid, the slitted eyes grey as the frosted glass.

"As for what I got, well, depends on what you like." The grin again, and a shrug, diverging the topic. "Shiatsu? Anma? Nuat phaen boran? I'm sure we can find something to fit your needs."
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He grimaced slightly, taking a swig from his glass, "You seem skeptical... something... you don't believe me? I can prove it if you'd like. Oh, and considering that this nation is far, FAR from my own, I'm not threatened by anyone here..." He held a slick smile on his face... waiting patiently to see if Tefla would take up the offer to prove himself.
((Likewise. Rest well, and catch you again, with luck.))

Tefla shrugged nonchalantly, feeling no particular inclination for the man to 'prove' himself to Tefla...or, rather, he suspected with a similiar amount of disinterest, having to 'prove' himself to this man in return. No, far better to keep the aces in the sleeves until the hand proved absolutely necessary to play.

An inward sigh, and Tefla shook his head, the smile easy and relaxed on his face, not betraying the internal displeasure. He raised the emptiness of his glass in a silent toast. "Ah, well, after this many shots, anything I find out now will be useless to me tomorrow, so don't bother. I'll take you on your good faith, good sir." He lifted the bottle with the fingers of his other hand, the chair scraping back again as he moved to return the bottle of vodka back to the cool where it rightfully belonged. However skeptical of the man he might be, though, Tefla kept a close ear and a sharp nose on the position of the man, lest someone start to get an itch to demonstrate anyway.
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Aleon shrugged calmly, "Suit yourself. No skin off my nose." He tilted the glass playfully with a single gloved hand as Tefla stood up beside him, "Well, I suppose I should be headed out. Can't overstay my welcome at my daughter's own bar." He stood up himself and headed for the coat rack to retrieve his trenchcoat, "Thanks for the drinks and the conversation. I'll be seeing you both around." He tilted two fingers in their direction in salute and headed out the door into the night.
The bottle tucked away, Tefla set the used shotglass well away from the rest, unsure of where to put it from that point. A brief glance at the clock over the bar, and he sighed; tomorrow was certainly going to be a long day at the office. He mused about the various appointments, wondering if he might be able to get out early, and then shook his head. He'd deal with it when the time came. You never knew what was going to happen.

A nod to Aleon as he began to leave, the hand lifting in farewell, the mark again peeking out of the cuff in serpentine lines. "Well, I'm out. Tomorrow is going to be enough of a day, I'm sure, but if I'm not too tired I might wander in for another drink. Seems like interesting enough sorts here, and, hey, who knows? Maybe your daughter is pretty." He laughed, a nod and a wink of his own to Zack, a finger pointing. "Call the number anytime, friend, doctor's orders. The first one is on the house." A grin, and he slipped up the blue-lit stairs himself, feet fast on the tread, into the night.

Of course, Mona had many problems with leaving her own bar on its opening night. But she also didn't have much of a choice in the matter. Her mother had a bit of an abandonment issue and she certainly didn't want to add fuel to that fire. Mona grasped the handle of the bar...and it stuck as it often did from time to time. She sighed very slightly, a wisp of silver cloud slithering from between her lips and kicked the heel of her boot right into the door's center. The poor sheet of steel went flying back, almost off the hinges and hit the wall with a resounding 'CRACK'. Mona walked down the stairs, closing the door behind her. Good thing the walls were metal, otherwise that would've made quite a hole. She'd have to paint over the scratches later, though.
Mona made her way down into the bar, hands shoved in her pockets, smoke trailing from her nostrils with every quiet exhale.She smelled people here. Of course, her father's familiar, blood-and-foreign-dust scent caught her attention immediately. And then...the smell of aromatic oils...and ice... followed quickly by an odor of beer and men...lots of men...
Mona scrunched her nose a bit and laughed, the little puffs of gray from her mouth reflecting a similar patters. So far...her mains clients were of the fruit variety. She laughed again. At least that's what they smelled like. The young vampiress was delighted. Already, she knew that she'd enjoy the company of these people as soon as she put faces to their smells. It certainly gave the place a bit more of an appealing fragrance to it.
Mona assumed her previous task of sitting on top of the bar and staring out at the lack of people in it. She smiled and took a deep inhale before blowing out a great, silvery cloud from her lips. The smoke curled and coiled in itself and then floated to the ceiling, vanishing, and leaving only a faint whiff of sandalwood and patchouli in the air.
The shadows twisted and contorted, forming a coagulation of darkness which remotely looked like a humanoid form. And when the blackness lifted, Kanna sat in its place, at the barstool right at the middle of the long expanse of black granite. She leaned over against the cool counter, smiling.
"Quite a lovely place she has," Kanna murmured to herself as she tapped her talons agains the bartop. They made a gentle clicking noise as she sharp points landed on the hard surface.
"Indeed it is." Called a deep voice that issued from the darkness beside the door. Aleon stepped sullenly forth into the room, his black bangs dangling over his red irises. He smiled sadistically and leaned against the bar on a single elbow, "How're are you, my dear?" he asked, eyebrows raised in a sly fashion.
Kanna laughed, a grin breaking out over her face.
"Why hello there, lovely. I am doing just fine. I've been a bit absent of a certain extremely attractive man..." A free hand snaked out to curl its black talons under Aleon's chin.
"But...ah...I think this one will suffice for now." A queenly smirk curved over her fangs before a tongue lashed out at him with dangerous intent. "Have I had the pleasure yet?"
He leaned a bit closer, his face inches from hers, "Pleasure of what, pray tell?" His own fangs gleamed tantalizingly from betwixt his lips. He placed his opposite hand on his hip and beamed down at her.

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