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Kanna's chuckle hummed against her pressed lips as she smiled.
"The pleasure of you, that is," she murmured, her eyes narrowing a bit. She gazed at him for a while and then laughed quietly.
"Do you think our daughter would appreciate us seducing each other at her bar?" The thought amused her.
He laughed and stood to his full height, "Hah, I suppose she wouldn't... What're you gonna do about it, Mrs. Kyoushi?" He said as he headed around the other side of the counter to fetch a drink.
Kanna blushed and smiled as she watched her husband.
"Not a thing, honestly," she said to him, tracing a talon in a circle on the bar's surface. "Hey, baby, get me a chocolate martini?" She grinned sweetly at him, one that she knew he couldn't resist. It had taken years to perfect that expression...worked every time.
He felt his face beginning to turn a slight shade of pink as she grinned up at him, "E-- Yes, dearest I can." He made her beverage and slid it across the counter in her direction. He then grabbed his familiar bottle of Merlot and poured himself a full glass. Waltzing to the opposite side of the bar, he took up a stool beside her, folding his legs delicately and stirring around his wine glass with his fingertips as he always did.
Kanna inwardly chuckled and sipped from her glass, watching him.
"Honey...why are you drinking?"
She had never known her husband to be much of a drinker, even blood. But...she didn't have any problems with it, really. The instances whee he did kick a few back ended interestingly anyway.
His smile faltered and his hand came to a halt, "No reason, love. Just felt like a drink." He took a large sip from the glass and set it on top of the counter. He hoped she wouldn't inquire further... his travels recently had been... well, not as pleasant as they could have been. He coughed a few times and took up his wine once more. A bit of alcohol wasn't going to kill him...
Kanna's smile twitched downwards.
"Darling...you've never felt like a drink." Her statement brought the glitter in her eyes down to a dull. She hadn't seen her husband too upset before, so she didn't understand his habits when it came to dealing with pain. But the fact that he was a bit out of the norm, plus his shadow groaned with some sort of grievance, it wasn't too hard to figure out.
"Tell me what's wrong?"
He dropped his falsly jovial expression. He finished off his glass and rested both elbows on the surface before him, "Do you... really want to know?" he murmured almost inaudibly. He didn't want to talk about it, but he supposed that if she was willing to listen, he should be willing to tell.
A hum, and Tefla wandered the street, the strong hands resting calmly in the pockets of his slacks ((that he's not wearing until this avatar makes a little more from posts, d'aww)). He was retracing the meander of his steps from the other night, occasionally making a turn here, a backtrack there, until the soft pad of footsteps brought him closer to the place he'd found last night. Finally, the path beneath him ended in a door eroded by the weather and the smells, faint but there, that he'd found so interesting the other night.

A satisfied smile to himself - the old senses hadn't failed him yet - and Tefla moved forward, one hand slipping out to grasp the handle even as the other stroked the new dent in the metal door. Interesting, he thought, putting that notation aside for later, and with a strong shove, sent the door open. Obviously it'd been under a little wear since the last time.

The loud noise - and, if the nose was keen, perhaps the scent of Olibanum - would waft down the stairwell, followed shortly by the pad of footsteps and the small jingle of change. Tefla breathed in deeply, seeking scents, attempting to place the occupants even as the sharp opalescent eyes picked out the forms outlined in blue below. "'ello?" the full voice called.
Kanna sighed, scooting a bit closer to him.
"Honey...it's not that I want to know. But, you need to be aware that drowning your woes in merlot is not going to help soothe you. If you need to talk, then talk. I'm here for you."
...corny. Truthful, nonetheless.
"Well... I--" He whirled around as the door opened and one of the men from last night entered. He turned to Kanna, smiling sadly as if to tell her he'd be alright and sat up straight, regaining his former composure, "Hello there, Tefla. This is my wife, Kanna Kyoushi." He ushered his arm in her direction to indicate who he was describing. He knew it wasn't necessary... the bar was empty, after all. But the fact that he was almost out of his mind with worry prevented him from caring.
Tefla blinked a bit, momentarily set back as the man he'd met last night - Aleon - seemed deep in intimate conversation with an unfamiliar woman, wondering if he should leave the atmosphere for another night...but before he could say anything, Aleon turned, the composure suggesting nothing out of the ordinary. Tefla wasn't entirely convinced, but, hell, he'd came for a drink and since he wasn't immediately shunned out, he'd stay for it.

"Aleon, my merlot friend!" Tefla grinned, the teeth straight and white and vaguely predatory; nothing intentional or directed, just a natural facet of the man that he seemed largely unaware of. "How are you this sweltering, balmy excuse for a night?" Crossing the room with confident steps, Tefla gave a warm smile of greeting to the woman who had sat beside Aleon, the right hand outstretching to offer a shake...or to kiss her hand, depending on how she reacted. He was a social chameleon, after all.

As he did so, the serpentine lines of the sigil of Balam wound into sight with the outstretched gesture. It would mean everything to someone who knew it, and would seem merely a passing and interesting tattoo to anyone who didn't.
Kanna sighed, figuring that their more important comversation would be continued late. She rotated herself around on the barstool to look at the newcomer.
"Good evening sir," she dipped her head a bit. "Welcome to Natsuka and Chandra. My daughter should be here soon, she's just out running some errands. Could I get you anything until then?"
She took his held out hand and shook it firmly, her red eyes glitteing at his.
Tefla shook firmly, nodding at the name. "Hinduism?" He ventured, an interested look in his eye. "...So, that's the name of this place. I probably overlooked the sign, and your husband here didn't mention it." He leaned in only a slight few inches, a false whisper joking, "He's not much of a talker, is he?" Tefla grinned conspiratorially at the woman, Kanna, and then motioned towards the bar.

"So, is it help-yourself again, or should I be asking someone for drinks until this nameless daughter owner arrives?" Either was fine by him, honestly, just so long as he wet his throat just a bit.

((Edit, ack, I completely missed Kanna's question. Take this instead?))

"Just a bit of whiskey, for the time. Straight and plain, that's all."

"Heh, I'm fine. Nice to see you this evening, Tefla. Seems as though you're going to be quite the regular." He forced a smile that would be indistinguishable from a normal one to anyone that did not know him too well. He had become exceedingly good at it. He watched Kanna greet him with slight satisfaction. It was interesting always interesting to see her interact with people she didn't know.

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