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Of course, there are many dark alleys in the world. Only one of them leads to the entrance of a strange nightclub with buzzing neon. Its door is scratched, heavy, gray steel with a worn handle. It opens to a shadowed stairway leading down into the ground; the only light a faint, blue glow. This is Natsuka & Chandra, Mona Kyoushi’s once pride and joy.

Now, the bar is mostly idle, but by no means dead. There are still those who venture down into its depths to relax and enjoy themselves, all at the allowance of the vampiress herself, of course.
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Mona Kyoushi is the pureblooded, vampiric descendant of two gods. On her father’s side is the ruthless, terrifying and violent god Natsuka, whose curse has passed through the blood of the Kyoushi males, driving them mad at the scent of blood. On his mother’s side is the pure, just and righteous Goddess Chandra, origin of supernatural justice and love. Mona named the bar in honor of her heritage of divine blood and reflects its essence through the bar’s ambiance.
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1. Follow Gaia ToS. Do it.
2. This is a literate roleplay. I’m not gonna fill this page up with endless ramble on proper literate roleplay. It’s not hard. Capitalize and punctuate properly. Don’t be a loser. Try to write more than one sentence.
3. Quoting posts in unnecessary. Please don’t do it; just address the person you’re speaking to in your post.
4. Don’t be ridiculously rude. Inconsideration is not tolerated. That includes an overabundance of cursing.
5. No godmodding. Get consent before doing things like killing or kidnapping or forcefully impregnating someone.
6. That being said, don’t cyber here. Leave some ambiguity for our own imaginations and take your copulations elsewhere.
7. If you join, please come back. I don’t mind if you leave and never return, but do me a courtesy and let me know first.
8. Don’t be an a**. Any spammers are instantly banned.
9. I am God here. If I tell you to leave then quit your bitching and get out.
10. Try to have a good time. I’m quite keen on the idea of you enjoying yourself.
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I request that if you plan on staying a while, you fill this out and PM it to me. It’s simply so the other players can have a little insight on your character, not for gaining approval. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to fill it out, but I would greatly appreciate it if you did.
Character name:

If you would like to apply for a job here:
-Available positions are located in the post below in blue. If there’s one in particular you would like to have, put it next to the optional ‘Job’ category in your submitted profile
-There are some things required of you if you apply for a job.
You have to show up and put forth effort at your work at least once a week.
It’s you primary responsibility to put the customer before yourself. Meaning, if someone walks in and has no one to talk to, you make it your priority to make them feel welcome. Invite them into your conversation, or introduce them to someone to keep them company.
Be polite. Always. Rudeness and legitimate customer dissatisfaction will result in a warning, followed by job loss, followed by banning for repeated offenses.
-When you apply for a job and I approve, I will send you more specific instructions and guidelines depending on the role you have. Read over them, and then confirm your application once again if you accept.
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Owner: Mona Kyoushi
(Co-Owner: )
(Head Bartender: )

Bartender (x3)
DJ (x2)
Cage Dancer (x3)
The Band:
Female Vocals
Male Vocals
Lead Guitar
Backup Guitar

Available positions can be added and subtracted as I see fit.
The position of co-owner is a non-applicable job that I will bestow upon my most devoted and capable worker—that means potentially any position can achieve this status.
Head bartender is allotted to the bartender with the most satisfactory work to my own opinion.
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Username:Mona Kyoushi
Character name: Mona Evangelique Kyoushi
Appearance: Mona has mid-length, wavy black hair that she usually wears in a high ponytail. She has intimidating red eyes with pearly fangs and sharp, black talons that lengthen when she's feeling predatory. The young vampiress stands about 5'6 and has a slender build. Unlike most vampires, she has dark tanned skin due to the fact that she has tongue of Holy Fire caught in her throat. There's a faint scar on her neck, usually hidden by the shadow of her jaw, from where her throat had to be cut open to encase the Flame. Usually, she exhales peals of smoke due to the holy fire in her throat. Depending on her mood, it will change colors and scents. Collectively, Mona has 27 piercings over her body and three tattoos. She wears a silver cigarette lighter around her neck; it's shaped like the Goddess Crescent of her heritage.
Personality: Mona has an attitude, definitely, inherent from her father. She doesn't stand for any crap and hates people who annoy her. However, she's quite clever and resourceful. She tends to uphold some sort of strange code of honor which includes consideration with a dash of cursing, it gives her an oddly unique style.
Bio:Mona was born to two pure-blooded vampires, Aleon and Kanna Kyoushi. She grew up in the Morris mansion, with a very uneventful childhood, save the fact that her father would often leave the house to go on raids which made her mother a bit psycho during his prolonged absences. She did a good job of keeping her mother stable during those times. After a while, she decided to set out on her own and start something new. And since she loved going to nightclubs, she decided to start one of her own. After spending a while at the bar, making new friends and such, she started dating one of her patrons, Tefla Agata. But they hit the classic love-triangle conflict and currently split up. And before that break up, Mona's father, Aleon Kyoushi, was murdered. Due to such, Mona is in a weakened state physically, emotionally and mentally. She's trying her best to stay on her feet, though.
Job: Owner

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Character name: Irene
Race: vampiric shapshifter on mother's side, elemental, with control of all elements on father's.
Gender: female
Age: looks 18, is 312
Orientation: bi
Appearance: [link]
Personality: a bit...out there. very bi polar. she is strict when needed, soft around children. she's untrusting, and cold to every one she doesn't know or trust. cold but always courteous.
Bio: Irene was born to a shape shifter mother who was raped by a powerful elemental. three months before her due date, Cecilia (her mother) was bitten and turned by a vamp. Irene should have died. she didn't. she was turned as well. you know. mother blood feeds her yada yada. that kinda thing. when she was nineteen, her mother was killed. she was taken in by a pack of wolf demons who raised her and stopped her from be coming a total killer. she's gotten word of the b*****d who raped her mother, but determines her self to weak to face him at this time.
Job: Bartender

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Username: x___FALL3N r a ii n 0-0-9
Character name: Raynn Kiara Himoru
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen
Orientation: Straight
Appearance: Raynn
Personality: Raynn is self-preserved and quiet to those she doesn't know; she doesn't really like it when people say that she's shy and timid. Timid, maybe, but not shy. She just doesn't like people that much. You could usually find her somewhere by herself or in the outskirts of everyones' groups listening to music or writing in her notebook. However, she has a very sweet smile and her features are soft when she's in a splendid mood. She usually has a range of optimistic and pessimistic personalities, but that's completely psychological. You can sometimes hear her mumbling to herself or talking to someone who isn't there. Or is there? Ever since her brother died, she talks frequently with him, since he rarely leaves her alone. She can sometimes be a tease and manipulative to get what she wants. She also is hurt easily and often finds herself saying 'I'm sorry'.
Bio: Raynn was born a twin as the youngest. Her older brother's name was Taisen, or Tai for short. They were hardly ever apart; they had their own language that they spoke until they were five and learned proper English. She grew up a lonely girl with few friends, whom moved away later on. When one of her best friends died in a car accident when she was in the second grade, the night before she had a dream about the girl and saw her ghost for a few weeks until she crossed over. When she told her parents, they took her to a doctor and was put on pills for both symptoms. This continued well into her high school years. Her parents merely ignored her plights with ghosts and seeing the future. The only one who believed her was Tai. A few days after Tai and Raynn turned sixteen, Taisen was in a hit and run accident on his way home from a foot-ball game. Raynn was near and watched him get hit; she held him as he died. Soon after the funeral, his spirit appeared to her and she was once again comforted. It seemed a bit creepy at first to have him there all the time, but she got used to it. When she first realized it, she was so excited and told her parents, which wasn't such a good idea. Her parents were convinced that she was crazy, so they sent her to an insane asylum. After only a few weeks there, she ran away with her brother's acoustic guitar and journeyed for a year to find somewhere that she belongs.
Job: Lead Guitar; Fortune Teller

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Username: [The][Ace][of][Hearts]
Character name: Gaebrien Alexander
Race: Half Human (Mother was a Shamanic Priestess), Half Fire Elemental (Father was a Fire Demon)
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Orientation: Homosexual
Appearance: Gaebrien is roughly five-foot, seven-inches tall. He weighs in at a whopping one-hundred and forty-five pounds. He likes to dress nicely for his job, but in his off-time, he can usually be found in black pants or jeans and t-shirts. His red hair comes just below his shoulder blades, and can be seen worn up almost as often as down, accentuating his glass green eyes.
Personality: Though mostly quiet and shy, he can really get into the swing of things when it comes to certain topics or if he becomes comfortable with someone. He is very dedicated to his work and will take any opportunity to play in the kitchen. Though far from slow-witted, he is a little aloof when it comes to people flirting with him, unless they are very blunt about it.
Bio: Born from a ritualistic union between the high priestess of a shamanic tribe in Asia, and one of the demons they upheld as deities, Gaebrien ages like most humans do, but retains some of the basics of elemental magic that his father's other offspring possess. Though he only knows rudimentary magics and manipulations, he can sometimes harness the life of a flame into a doll of cold fire, or create a short lived object from the same material. Though he was brought about by one of the tribe's most holy rituals, he was looked upon with fear at having been the first successfully born child from any such union in the history of his village. He spent most of his time serving the rest of his village, cooking communal meals or doing whatever tasks were set for him. Once he became of age, he left the tribe and moved into more civilized areas where no one knew of him or his strange heritage. Eventually he found his way into this city, and discovered that a job would be needed. After a long search, he made his way to a back alley club by the name of Natsuka & Chandra. It took some time to talk his way though the interview, but in the end, he was given the job and took up residence nearby.
Job: Bartender/Chef

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Username: XtransylvanianX
Character name: Storm Draculia
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: 357
Orientation: Straight
Appearance: [link]
Personality: Straightforward, a little abrupt. But she never lies, is a little shy, always stands up for herself, ,and tries to help anyone in need.
Bio: Turned into a vampire by a man who has a fetish for girls, Storm has lived most of her life inside castle walls. When the Vampire decided he was through with her, Storm was abandoned on a roadside, and found by a merchant and his wife. As a teenager, Storm was told of her true nature, and left, deciding it was best for her adoptive parents. Now she roams from town to town looking for work where ever she can find it.
Job: Bartender

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Username:Kenny the Bouncer
Character name:Kenny
Race: Part Dragon/Part Human
Appearance:Long black hair,red eyes,and slight muscle build
Personality:calm and composed until angered
Bio:A rogue dragoon from his clan, Kenny has been on the run for around 6 years. He found that he could make money in society by putting his mind and body to work for anyone who had need of his services,but lately no one was looking. Hence he found this bar in one of his late night wanderings through the back alleys of the city.

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Username: kiare seraphim
Character name: milara
Race: centaur
Gender: female
Age: ....let's just leave it at old enough
Orientation: not telling
Appearance: refer to avatar
Personality: despite being shy, milara's rather brash and headstrong. she has a tendency to speak her mind, not caring about the consequences- thus, she has no friends.
Bio: the only child of a renowned blacksmith, milara was taught the craft and her father's secrets. because of that, she has a great physical strength as well as confidence in herself. since she's had no real social interactions, she tends to be shy around new people and downright nervous in large groups (although she's not as bad as she once was).
Job: Bouncer

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Username: XCont-a-GenX
Character name: Zeruel 'Angel Face' Crow
Race: Fallen (grounded till my wings heal) I have unspoken Dark taint from way back in my blood line: graveyard Cxetur (think bird with a cruel beak and claws, leathery wings, black, eye-white-less eyes, and tentacles writhing under the feathers of the chest.)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Orientation: Asexual
Appearance: 6,5 with knee length white-gold hair, tied back in a loose braid, high cheekbones, sharp jaw, eye-white-less black eyes, wide mouth, pointed teeth, a dimple in one cheek, alabaster skin, and lean muscles. I usually wear an close-fitting ankle length grey leather coat, black dress shirt opened to the waist, black leather boots and black jeans.
Personality: I'm open, good natured, I flirt, I tell stories, I have a dark sense of humor and I love dried fruit. I don't trust people often, but I enjoy being in a crowd. I'm quiet usually but on stage it's like I'm a different person. I don't have a human sense of honor, and I'm not adverse to lying, cheating and such. I'm always eager to learn new things because The Couple 'homeschooled' me.
Bio: My mother had a drug overdose and died shortly after I was born, so I was in the foster care system for the majority of my life. There were good families, bad families and The Couple. There were many things wrong with The Couple, most of them I won't tell you about, but I will say that one night, they went too far. They broke the bones of my wings and tore them off my body. That was the night they had filled out with black feathers. That was the night that I walked the streets, bleeding and mournful, and met Lindy the prostitue. Lindy's friend Cherry gave me my nickname before she disappeared and I keep it to remind me of where I come from.
Job: Cage Dancer Stage Name: Angel Face

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Username: C#I!
Character name: Vashtai
Age: 21 years, (looks like an average 19 year old)
Orientation: Bi-Curious
Appearance: Built perfectly, her crimson hair hangs down to the middle of her back in small ringlets and has hints of brown that show in the sunlight. She has dark brown eyes, which usually seem happy, but occasionally they show the age her body does not.
Personality: Programmed to respond to any outside stimulus within the realm of normal human behavior. Is programmed to be happy before all others. Has been programmed to respond only to the touch of a man named Nicolai for repairs or reprogramming. Her human emotions sometimes betray her programming, overriding her circuitry when she gets very strong emotions.
Bio: Was re-created in a lab by a scientist husband/wife couple who decided to adopt her as their own child after a tragic motorcycle that ended her boyfriend’s life and would have ended hers as well. Her “parents” died in a car accident, leaving her to fend for herself. Later, after finding the N&C, committed suicide only to be rebuilt by evil scientists and re-programmed by Nic.
Job: Cage Dancer Stage Name:Broken Songbird
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Username: Tefla Agata
Character name: Tefla Agata
Race: 3rd Generation Demon, a son of Balam and Tisiphone, a grandson of Bathin
Gender: Male
Age: 5224
Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: Though the particulars of his appearance have changed over the years, Tefla continues to look relatively young by the standards of the world, appearing to be no more than 26 to 28 in human terms. He is about 5’7”, with wavy dark hair above pale grey eyes. His form carries obvious strength in the lean muscles, the shoulders broad and tapering to a narrow waist. His hands, though well-kept, are no stranger to work, and he bears a sigil of Balam on the inside of his right wrist, and a sigil of Leraje on the inside of his left. His smile is easy and charming, and his posture confident and straight, but there is a sensitivity and earthy sensuality apparent to him. Dressed in a classic, clean style and comforting neutral tones, Tefla maintains his appearance with a careful eye and a meticulous sense of fashion; if there is dirt on his cheek, a hole in his jeans, or an unfamiliar partner on his arm, you can be assured it is a deliberately chosen accessory.
Personality: Smelling of Sandalwood and Olibanum, Tefla Agata is the sort of man who is, at first impression, easy to the eye and relaxing to the soul. His clothing is always classic, his manner generally calm, and his hands always busy. Ambitious and tenacious, Tefla knows what he wants and how to get it. He is intuitive to other’s needs and a strong communicator, but can be self-serving and brash at times. Thankfully, he always knows the right thing to say to smooth things over…at least, if doing so serves his purposes.
Bio: (see Gaia Profile for full bio)

Username: Zack Safari
Character name: Zack Safari
Race: Zebra
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Orientation: Bisexual, but prefers men.
Appearance: Hair- Black mohawk. Not too short, not too long. A few blue streaks in there. Eyes- Bright blue. Skin- Very pale. Height- 6'2" Piercings- Two in one ear, three in the other, a ring through the middle of his nose, his tongue and both nipples. Scars- An X shaped scar on his left cheek and a horizontal scar across his chest. Other traits- Since he is part zebra he had the ears and tail of a zebra and even the black stripes that cover his neck, shoulders and arms. The lines reach down onto his pecks from his shoulders, but do not cover his entire chest and the lines on his arms reach his hands but don't cover his fingers. The markings on his neck don't go up and onto his face. The stripes cover his sides, moving towards his abdomen, but once again, they do not cover it. His hips and legs also have stripes, but they stop just at his feet, covering the top but stopping just before the toes. His entire back his covered and yeah, so is his a**.
Personality: Zack is... interesting. He's an Australian who's always up for a good time. He's pretty pleasant, unless you manage to piss him off, but he doesn't stay mad for long. He prefers to laugh and go crazy rather than hold a grudge. In short, he's your regular party animal. The class clown in the classroom.
Bio: Not much to say here.. Zack flew up from Australia for a change of pace. He's made new friends so he's decided to stick around, though he does still stay in contact with his family.

(If you were on this list previously and are currently not, see announcement below)
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Special events and Advertisements
If you wish to coordinate an event or advertise something, drop me a PM with the details.

Due to recent renovations, I've deleted all patron profiles that were previously posted. Fear not, I still have all of them. If you consider yourself a regular to this thread and would like your profile to be put up again, please send me a PM, and I will restore it. Thank you.

~Dates of Importance~
7/31/08: Adam (played by xXArah_MistXx) and Lukas (played by Lukas Lunn) got engaged at N&C

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If you’ve been banned, your username goes here along with the reason for your banning.
I’d like to keep it blank, thanks.
Also, if you have a justified reason why you shouldn’t he here—not likely—you can PM me to negotiate. Otherwise, I don’t want any annoying messages full of insults and threats. It’s not going to help, I promise.

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Mona took a seat on the surface of the black marble bar, crossing one leg over the other. She sighed and smiled, flicking the little chain on her nose. It was empty, of course. Since she had just opened. Mona wondered how long it would take for people to finally start coming in. It had taken a whole lot of time for her to get this place on its feet. She wondered if people could even see the door...whether or not they'd be daunted by walking into the dark, cool underground where giant cages hung from the ceiling and the only light came from mystical blue flames on the black, metal sconces. Mona sighed again, still grinning softly, a little whisper trail of silver smoke drifted from her lips.
Aleon stood silently outside his daughter's new building. With a smile on his face, he pushed open the door. He stepped quietly into the bar. Removing his black trench coat, he hung it on a rack and stepped in farther, "Mona?" he called out, his deep resounding voice ringing through the empty bar room.
Mona perked up and smiled at her father.
"Hi Daddy," she said, getting up from where she sat and going over to him. "Thanks for coming, it means a lot." Mona sighed again, smoke curling in a cloud out of her mouth. "Sadly, the place hasn't picked up yet...It's upsetting me just a bit." The young vampiress rolled her shoulders, cracking the joints in her spine. "And...I actually don't think I can stay here for much longer tonight. I made a promise with Mom to go shadow slaying." The gentle, ruby eyes glittered up at her father's.
"But...um...do you think you could hang around for a bit? Maybe...see if anyone comes...?"
Her attitude only vanished around her parents, particularly Aleon, since she was daddy's little girl. Anyone else, she wouldn't have asked so sweetly. She'd smack them in the face with an order and split like a banana...even if it was cliche.
He chuckled, "Of course I will, dear. I'll stay as long as you like." Scratching his hand through his black hair he continued into the main room. His own ruby eyes peered around with curiosity, "So this is the place you're mother's been telling me about, yes?" He rested his hand on the bar table, perching gracefully on one of the stools, "Quite a find."

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