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Aleon chuckled, "I think I will have a drink. Sounds like it'll be in my best interest..." He rose and headed towards the bar. Moving behind the counter, he knelt to search through the countless bottles beneath. He didn't want something too heavy... a red wine perhaps. He found a merlot, snatched it up by the neck of the bottle and placed it on the counter. He popped out the cork with the tip of his thumb and set it down. His hand snaked over to a glass. He grabbed it with two fingers and poured himself some of the purple-red fluid.
Jesus, they were talking so polite and proper.. That was one of his pet peeves. He didn't say anything though. Why should he? It's not like they were doing it on purpose. Zack's accent probably pissed people off. His ears perked up at the man's question and he nodded his head.
"Ye, tha's roight. Born an' raised!"
He grinned at this, seeming to have more energy now. Zack was a fun guy, or atleast he liked to think so. That is, when he wasn't being pissed off. He got even more excited talking about his homeland though. He really loved it there. Infact, he was planning on flying back down there to visit.
"Ih's great! You'd love ih' down there, mate."
He assumed everyone would like it down there, since he loved it so much. And this guy seemed itnersted, so Zack just kept on talking, regardless to whether or not the man wanted to hear it.
"Surfin', catchin' crocs, noice weatha. Ih's perfect."
Though, that was just his opinion. Blue eyes turned to the quieter man, who was now wandering off, but the replied anyways, of course.
"Tha name's Zack! 'ow about you two fellas?"
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Tefla nodded as the man rose, enjoying the flavor of his own drink in slow sips. "I'm Tefla, born and raised." He grinned a bit, listening to the excitement in the man's voice, and Tefla sat up unconsciously, the shoulders turning to the man to show his interest. "Crocs, eh? Do they taste anything like alligator?" The eyebrow lifted, curious, and the white of teeth gleamed - a tad disturbingly, perhaps - in that smile. "Perhaps I'd scamp down for a bit, m'self." He took another swig of the whiskey, tilting his head to one side as he considered the prospect. "Tell me...are there wild places, there?"
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Aleon took a calm sip from the delicate wine glass he held. His fingertips were on the rim of the glass, as they always were when he drank. He spun the liquid around gently and took another sip. He headed back over to the table and took his previous seat. Coughing ever so slightly, he leaned far back in his chair and tuned in to the conversation.
"Tefla? Sounds loike tha name of a sheela. Bet yah ******** loike one too."
He teased, obviously not bothering to show any source of being proper. He wasn't like that.. at all. He said what he wanted to, even if it wasn't polite. He was just having fun. Besides, that's how he talked to his friends, so he really didn't see a problem with it.
"Naw, they're pretty much tha same... ********' bastards is what they are."
He snickered a little at this, leaning back comfortably in his chair. Zack had wrestled both of those gators and ate them too. He liked reptiles, but he hated insects. If there was one girly thing about Zack, it was the fact that he hated spiders and other ugly looking bugs.
"Woild places? What d'ya mean? Tha 'ol place is woild compared ta this."
Really, it was. Or atleastti seemed that way where he lived.
Tefla nodded to Aleon in an absentminded gesture as the man sat down, but his laugh was towards Zach. "Ah, well, y'ought to hear me scream," he grinned, dropping the eye in a likewise teasing wink, and then shook his head. "Well, it was a good name at the time. Sure as all hell beat 'Ashurnashurpal,' anyway." Tefla tilted his glass back again, setting the nearly emptied drink down on the table for the moment.

"Sounds delicious. And here, yeah, here..." A hand waved itself in dismissal of the city. "It's fine for some things, sure, but, ah, nothing like the backcountry." He smiled to himself, and lifted a brow again to Zach. "You ever been to Cambodia? Before the Killing Fields, that is. That's some nice hiking. Creature could disappear back there all by 'imself, if he wanted."
Aleon chortled at their distracted discussion. He downed the last half glass of his merlot, shaking his head and coughing once more. It probably was not wise for him to drink so quickly... He was a bit of a lightweight...
Zack snorted, laughing at the man's reply.
"Yer a ********' p***y!"
He said as he laughed. Zack probably took it up the a** more than... well, either of these two and he didn't scream like a woman. he was too much of a man for that! Despite the fact that he ******** around with guys. He liked to think that that added to his manliness, because really, that was important.
"Naw, oi ain't been ta many places. Wot's ih' loike?"
It wasn't long after his asked this question that his blue eyes turned over to the other man, who's name he hadn't heard yet, Aleon. He blinked, taking a swig of his own beer. Zack wasn't a light weight. he drank constantly. Infact, he was starting to think he was becoming a bit of an alcoholic.
"You alrought there, mate? Yer coughin' an awful lot."
Aleon raised his eyebrows as he was addressed, "Hm? Oh, yeah, sorry about that. The past couple months haven't gone too well for me." He smirked and set the glass on the table. Another cough rose in his throat; he shook it off and cracked his neck to the side nonchalantly.
Tefla laughed, not bothered by the man's comment. "I've got a girl's name and a girl's job, so I suppose y're right, there. Though I don't scream unless they make it worth my while," the gleam of teeth responded, and he dropped back the last of the glass before standing, the chair scraped back with the motion. Tefla hefted his empty glass, the warmth soothing in the tightness of his abdomen, then motioned at the zebraman's beer. "Another?" An eye to Aleon. "What about you?" He wasn't sure if the man could take it, but he'd offer, anyway. Maybe old Aleon might chatter up if he had a bit more in him.

Tefla waited for their replies before heading to the bar to reach for the vodka bottle, a breath of air as he escaping pursed lips as he poured the cold liquor into a seperate shotglass. This he tossed back as well, straight, no chaser; it was obvious the man had spent enough of his time around the bottle as well.

"Cambodia?" He said, the cold still on his tongue causing the hair to rise on the back of his neck. "Not too bad. A little too much rain and rice for me, y'know, but the floating towns on the Tonle Sap? That's something you have to experience for yourself."
Aleon nodded, "Sure, why not. Just bring back the bottle of merlot when you head back over here, if you please." He rested his elbows on his knees and held his face in his hands, a sigh escaping his lips, "Forgive my silence. Just had a hell of a journey recently. I find it perfectly fascinating to hear about the two of you however, so please continue on." He glanced at the tattoo on his right arm, rubbing it subconsciously with his opposite hand.
" 'e needs anotha drink! Maybe that'll make ya feel better."
He grinned, patting Aleon on the back a little too harshly, though he hadn't noticed. Blue eyes darted back to Tefla and he grinned. Despite the man's girly sounding name.. he actually really liked it. He couldn't help but wonder whether that was good or not. He didn't want to be girly.. at all. Ever.
"Ye, anotha one would be great. Thanks, sheela."
He grinned and chuckled at Tefla, making another Joke about the fact that he had a girly name and that he was fetching him a drink like some woman. He waited patiently, finishing off his first beer, which was easy. Then, he reached behind him, pulling out a pair of drum sticks. He started to tap them against the edge of the table to a song he had in his head. He made sure not to be too loud with it, since he assumed most would find that annoying. They sounded much better on a drumset than a table.
Tefla grinned, one hand sweeping the bottle of merlot from the spot he'd noticed Aleon taking it from earlier, the other gathering up the bottle of vodka and the rim of the shotglass. The merlot bottle waited on the bar counter for a moment, as Tefla stuck another beer into the pocket of his coat, and then the neck of the bottle was retrieved between fingers. "Coming right up, fellas."

Tefla made his way through the tangle of tables with ease before stopping before the table, one hand holding out the bottle of Merlot to Aleon, his hip thrusting the beer bottle in his coat pocket towards Zach. As soon as he'd have his hands free, he'd serve himself another shot, a good chill in the weather like this.

"Sounds pretty good," he nodded to the sticks, the tapping harsh on the wood of the table but skilled nonetheless. "That what you do, for a living? When you're not wrestling reptiles, that is." A grin, and Tefla made himself comfortable in the chair again, hands piddling with the frost that dripped down the sides of the shotglass.
Aleon smiled and poured himself another full glass, "Thanks for that." Crossing his legs, he drained the glass and placed it on the table with a bit more force, causing it to clink audibly against the surface. His eyes widened at the sudden outburst, "My apologies." he slid the glass towards the center of the table, 'Let's just... stop this before it begins...' he thought to himself. Better to show restraint than to make a total fool of himself in front of total strangers. There was just a part of his personality... perhaps the history of royalty, that prevented his urge to get muddled with wine.
Zack's hand grabbed at the bottle, cracking it open quickly to take his first swig. Then he went back to drumming at the table.
"Tch, oi wish... Don't got anyone ta play with. Oi used ta give surfin' lessons and other s**t back 'ome... now oi jus' work at a huntin' store until somethin' better comes along.. Oi doubt it thaugh."
He groaned a little, tapping his drumsticks against the table a little bit more before he came to a stop.
"Oi should teach people this koinda s**t... it'd be pretty easy."
He grinned at the though. However, he probably wouldn't get much business, what with the way he talked. Parents would never leave their children with him. Zack wasn't even a fan of kids. The younger one anyways.. Despite that, his best friend was making him take care of his sextuplets. The b*****d.
"Wot about you? Y'look loike a pretty... clean guy."
By that, he meant that he looked normal. he could probably score an office job or something. Zack was just your average punk. There was no way he could get something like that. However, in his defense, he didn't want a job like that. He thought about being a piercer. That was still up in the air.

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