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Kanna raised an eyebrow.
"Hinduism?" she repeated. "Not nearly, sir. Natsuka and Chandra are vampiric deities. And my husband saves his best words for those who've penetrated the depths of his heart." Her eyes glowed as she smiled with satisfaction. "Figuratively of course. I'll get right on that whiskey, sir." She held out her hand towards him again, this time with a palm full of shadows, which quickly melted away to reveal a shotglass full of the liquor.
"Let me know if you want a refil." Her smile was gentle, but guarded.
"Well, you know, it's so hard to find a comfortable bar these days. So many places are too full of people who'd rather drink or start fights than talk...or the place is too full of my patients, and, well...people tend to get nervous when they see their doctor drinking." Tefla chuckled a little, settling himself onto a barstool near but not right beside Aleon. The man seemed to have his personal space, and Tefla figured that space probably included anywhere near his wife. Better to choose this seat.

"Ah, I see. It sounds fascinating; excuse me for my mistake." Tefla moved to reach for the glass, before returning to his seat, the long fingers curling around the glass patiently. "I'm used to Indian mythology. Haven't dealt with too many vampires, much less vampire gods." A smile, and a nod. "Perhaps you can direct me to some resources about them." A light shrug, showing that the request was of no real consequence; Tefla would find out, or he wouldn't, and he was fine with the concept either way.

"Oh, I will, madame, I will." The glass raised in a brief toast before a swallow.
Aleon sat down, yawning and leaning a forearm against the corner of the countertop. He was indeed a talker... he just... wasn't having the best of weeks and was NOT in the mood to speak much. He was content simply listening to them. He put the red liquid in his glass to his lips and drank the remainder, dropping the emptied cup onto the surface.
Kanna bobbed her head a bit.
"Well, if you have any interest, you should probably talk with my daughter. She's quite knowledgable of her heritage, I'm sure she'd have lots to tell you." Kanna shifted her position so she was facing her husband again. She placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned against him gently. She murmured to him softly, in audible words in an unknown language, but they were words of comfort and assurance, ones she know he'd understand.
"I'll do that, then." Tefla sipped his whiskey, taking it a bit slower than he had the night before. The eyes slitted shut for a moment, ears enjoying the atmosphere of the place and the more distant sounds of the street above muffled by the solid walls.

The eyes slipped open again, taking another sip of the whiskey, and glanced around the blue light that filled a room quiet except for the murmurs of the couple. The eyebrow raised, and the soft grey glance looked over at the two other occupants. Tefla figured they didn't want to be bothered, but hell, he couldn't just sit here in the silence like a stuffed lizard. "So...how long has this place been open? It seems a little....er, dead, to excuse the vampire pun. Though, eh, I guess it is a Monday night...." he trailed off, the sensitive lips pursing thoughtfully.
"Only since yesterday, as a matter of fact." Aleon said in an almost robotic manner. He was feeling rather morose... "Perhaps I should leave you two be. I'm not feeling up for much tonight, my apologies." He stood, choosing strategically to leave his glass and wine bottle seated upon the counter, "Thank you both for the company." He bowed slightly and made for the door.
Tefla blinked, a little surprised at the man's manner, the tone suggesting a far deeper issue than the false smile had suggested. It wasn't really his place to say anything, but Tefla couldn't help but reply. "Alright, well, hope you get to feeling better, Aleon. Perhaps I'll see you another night."

The lips pursed again, and Tefla murmured to himself. "Man, I hope it wasn't the vampire joke. Sheesh, Tef; learn to hold your tongue."
Mona kicked open the door to the bar again, only this time it was because she had her arms full of brown paper bags. She carefully made her way down the stairs, the sound of glass bottles clinking together chiming as she descended.
"Oh, you just leaving, dad? Take it easy, okay?" She paused to kiss Aleon's cheek on the way down to the bar, giving Kanna a concerned glance. "Um, I guess I'mm see you both later," knowing her mother would soon follow him.
She set the bags down on the bar and glanced over at the unfamiliar man. The sweet-smelling one.
"Hello, my name is Mona Kyoushi, I'm the owner of this bar." She held out her hand to him as a long whisp of smoke twisted up from her lips. "You're very welcome here."
Kanna nodded to her daughter and then got to her feet.
"Goodnight, darling," she said to Mona, giving her a hug before heding towards the stairs.
"And it was nice meeting you, Tefla. Enjoy your night." She smiled and then walked up towards Aleon until she grasped his hand and laced her fingers with his.
Tefla blinked again, the hand that had curled around the glass waiting as the other ran through the wavy mass of dark hair, the bronze-colored highlights - a product of so many days out in the sun - catching the light briefly. "Alright, then," he murmured, and made a note to himself to keep any vampire jokes completely to himself. Seemed like neither of them were in the mood for it.

"Well, have a good night, the both of you. Pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Kyoushi," Tefla shrugged, sipping his whiskey.

At the other voice, the eyebrow arched again, and without pausing, the grey eye darted to examine the owner out of the corner of his eye. He'd heard her enter - how could you not? - but he was definitely noting the clink of bottles that had accompanied her. Tefla considered the option.

A relaxed smile. "Hello, Mona. I'm Tefla. You must be their daughter, then. I hope you have a better sense of humor," he smiled again, extending the right hand, the sigil tattoo a tangle of black lines on his uncovered wrist.
Aleon smiled at his daughter as she swept past him, laying a gentle kiss on his cheek, "I will, don't worry about me, dear." He gripped Kanna's hand firmly, pushing the door aside for her to exit the premises before him.
Kanna smiled and bowed her head a bit as she walked out into the summer night, pulling Aleon's hand just a bit. Her fingers tightened around the black leather covering his palm.
"You're taking those off when we get home," she told him with a smile.
"Good to meet you, Tefla," Mona said, smoke curling around her head. She took a tight grip of his hand and shook it a couple times before letting go. "And yes, that lovely couple that just left consist of my mother and father. Don't mind them. Your joke didn't offend them, they just have something more pressing to discuss which you kind of intruded on earlier." Mona smirked at him and began pulling bottles out of the brown bags on the counter.
"But no worries. So, I smelled you here yesterday. Do you like my place? I'm wanting to know...feedback is important." She gestured to the etablishment, fist full of a neck of a bottle of bacardi.
"The same. Your father doesn't talk much, but he seemed to think highly enough of you." A shrug, and Tefla ran a finger around the brim of his glass, listening. A similiar smirk rose on his own lips - he'd figured that he'd intruded, but, seriously, a bar was no place to expect to hold any sort of private conversation - and he shrugged again, dismissing the concept.

"Smelled me, eh? And here I thought I wasn't wearing too much." He grinned, teasing, knowing that that wasn't the case. The broad shoulders twisted around, and Tefla motioned at the room. "It seems comfortable, if a bit empty. But I'm sure business will pick up. Maybe you ought to, I don't know, invite friends and friends of friends." He didn't mean it ill-naturedly in any way; he was just being direct, as she'd been.

((I can't be on for much longer, unfortunately. Tomorrow is, egh, early.))
"Yeah, you smell like oils, and flesh," Mona commented as she began storing bottles behind the bar. "It's a very comforting and recognizable." She finished her job and then took a seat next to him.
"As for my friends, I have none. All of my friends are family. This is my first time leaving the grounds of my home. So I have no relationships outside of my own blood." Mona smiled at him.
"No, I'm not a social recluse, I was just very comfortable with my life...and then i wasn't. So I made this my new home."

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