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Stykes sat back up straight as Ania plopped herself down, clearly not having anywhere near a wonderful morning. He gave a soft wave despite her head being down before adding rather cheerfully
"Morning there, sleepyhead"
he gave her another once over, maybe he could have tried something, but he'd never admit some plain old companionship was nice occasionally. His eyes stopped at her snowflake tattoo, thoughts wondering to something like 'unique as' he laughed a little to himself, he really was quite judgmental.
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Saria went into the kitchen to begin whipping up some breakfast. After a good bit of time she returned with several plates full of various breakfast goods. One plate was filled with buttered toast, one plate was filled with scrambled eggs, another one half with bacon and half canadian bacon. She placed the three platters onto the bar top before turning to a cabinet, pulling out a small stack of plates. She figured a buffet style breakfast would do well this morning.

"What can I get everyone to drink?" she asked. "Just brewed some great coffee, and I have some stellar orange juice in the kitchen."
Pausing for a moment Stykes thought to himself what exactly separated stellar orange juice from regular orange juice. More so just decided how obnoxious he felt like being as he was almost positive she just meant it was quite good. Deciding he had probably given her more than a fair share of teasing this morning he just stayed quiet, drinking his water.
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Picking up herself from laying there, noting the wave from him. "Morning" hand flew over her open mouth as she yawned wide. "Why did you make me drink so much" the whine fell from pouty lips but soon perked up at the smell and sight of food being placed on the counter.

"Oh thank you" she said and grabbed up a slice of toast quickly munching on it. "Coffee would be nice, thank you"
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Saria pulled out a mug and filled it with coffee, placing it in front of Ania. "Any cream or sugar with that?" she offered while sipping at her own mug. She grabbed a fork and picked up a piece of canadian bacon, munching on it absent mindedly. "If you'd like to stay a few more days, we could get you a room of your own so you can have the bed to yourself." She wasn't being snarky or anything, she legitimately was offering Ania a room.
Stykes immediately shot Saria a glance at her comment, more out of annoyance in her lack of faith that he hadn't offered her the same already than in her meddling. Maybe if the circumstances were different he would of been harsher towards her, but he missed her looking out for him this way. He shook his thoughts away in an attempt to stick with reality.
"I didn't 'make' you drink anything"
he said playfully, hiding his smile with another drink of water.
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"No black will be fine and a room would be nice" the comment didn't faze her in the least if it was meant in any other fashion. Head tilted slightly as she sipped the tart liquid, blur eyes glanced around. Shoulders relaxed till the door opened opened making her body tense up.

Bane walked into the manor hood being taken down as he shut the door behind him. Heavy boots clunked on the floor as he made his way. Spotting his sister he frowned, and sat beside her glaring. You could tell they were related with the same color hair and skin. But there eyes were so close but so different. Bane had these dark blues like a stornlm raging in his eyes. While Ania was like a snow storm, "hey" he spoke in a very calm voice.
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Saria's brow furrowed as she saw Ania tense up, and then her eyes glanced up as the newcomer came in. Not being around for the conversation between Ania and Stykes the night before, Saria was in the dark about who he was. "Hello," she said in greeting. "Just in time for breakfast. Can I get you something to drink?"

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Bane glanced up to the girl across the counter and smiled in a charming manner. "Hello, a cup of coffee please" even though his anger was directed towards his twin it didn't mean that he would not be civil. Turning his eye back on to his twin hr waited for her to start talking.

Ania sighed and took a bigger gulp of coffee before setting it down and facing him. But her eyes glanced at the male she shared a bed with. "Oh yes you did, twas you my dear that poured the drinks." The smile was teasing and playful but thenshe looked at Bane. "Hi Bane, iI missed you."

"Missed me... you are the one that vanished... wanting to go look at s**t and then wonder off like that. I swear you do this s**t to make me die young"
To the best of his ability, Stykes kept his demeanor from changing. Ania had mentioned previously having a brother, and that he would find her, apparently faster than he thought. Not being the type to deny any sort of hospitality he openly greeted the newcomer with a simple nod before standing and helping himself to the fresh coffee, saturating it with sugar and creme. He grabbed a cup for who based on the conversation unfolding before him he assumed was Bane, Ania's brother whom she had mentioned the night before. He set the coffee down in front of him before taking a drink of his own. If it had been anyone else he might have interjected but sibling disputes were something he stayed out of.
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Eyes pleaded with Stykes for some help with her brother, but knowing that wasn't going to happen. Nope this was her problem to deal with. "Oh like this is the first time I have done this to you. Honestly you should be use to it by now bro." Sinking down into her seat she most likely would be needing a heavier drink after this.

Bane glanced at the male and nodded his head in thanks before taking a rather large gulp. "Assuming this is a place you plan on staying with for a while might as well go and grab a few moments of sleep. Don't leave me again"

He sounded more like a parent then a brother making her roll eyes at him. "Well go ask for a room then." Bane paused st the statement before uttering the question he was sure to regret. "What's the matter with the one you stayed in?" Ania smiled a sweet innocent smile before glancing at Stykes. "Cause I slept in someone else's."
Stykes smiled back to Ania with a light shrug, he might not get in the middle of a dispute but he wasn't going to deny sharing his room with someone like Ania either. Quickly changing the subject though he added in with authority
"If you'd like a room I can set you up with one"
it wasn't his manor, but it was clear Saria needed help running the place, and he did already know where everything was. His jade eyes met Bane's in a shameless stare as he waited for a response unsure how apparent his sister's body language was to him.
"And Ania, my room is still open to you"
he added nonchalantly. It didn't seem to him that she wanted to be around Bane constantly anyway and it was his pleasure to offer an out.
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Saria quirked a brow as she watched the drama unfold. There obviously was something going on here and she was left out of the loop. Noticing the striking similarities between the male who entered and Ania, plus the way they conversed with each other, she assumed there was some sort of family ties. Probably brother and sister.

She glanced at Stykes and how he was handling the situation, being the protector as always. Her gaze returned to Ania and her brother as she watched silently.
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Ania smiled at the comment of bring invited to stay in his bed again. But Bane on the other hand huffed out in annoyance, leave it to Ania to attract a male and sleep with him. "Do you even know his name?" Bluntly asking his sister the question as to rather this male she knee or not.

Ania chocked on the coffee before turning towards her brother with a glare. How dare he assume she was a slut... sure the occasional night with a male was fine hr did it with females. But one drunken time and he wouldn't let it go
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Saria smirked at the comment of the male, but quickly repressed it as she munched on a piece of toast.

"Well," she said, breaking the awkward tension. "I'm Saria, I own the place." She said with a warm smile. "It sounds like you two may be staying for a few days. Let me know if either of you would like a quick tour. Similarly, you're free to roam around and check things out yourself." She glanced at Stykes to see if he was going to stick around for this apparent sibling rivalry or if he was going to let her know what was going on, since he obviously knew.

She nodded silently, signaling her departure from the room, as she turned and walked back into the kitchen, bringing her toast and coffee with her. The first floor was still pretty bad, and she figured today would be a good day to start some minor repairs. She walked through the kitchen and to the back door, where the box from the day before still sat.

She stopped as she walked near it, looking at it quietly. Just yesterday she was struggling to open the lid, to see the memories inside, and then just a few hours later Stykes showed up. What a day. Now being bombarded with memories every time Stykes was in the room, she wondered whether she could now really sit and comb through the contents.

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