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I joined Gaia on 2/6/2004.
Look up the term "Seniority"!

The Girl;

Hi. I'm not going to tell you my name. Most people on Gaia just call me Saria or String, so you can too. I've had several different screen names, only because I've decided to abandon Gaia and then re-join it about a thousand times. Luthein, Saria Dragonlilly, Saria Doragon and String x Theory are the only screen names I have.

I have a life outside of Gaia, which explains my long breaks away from the site. When I am online, I love roaming around Gaia's roleplaying forums. I'm a huge fan of the commerce section of Barton Town. Come roleplay with me at The Heartless Manor.

I only play one character, Saria*, who is incredibly complicated and builds upon all the roleplays I've been part of over the past 10+ years.

*SOMETIMES, as the occasion calls, I will bring in an angel named Jennifer who acts as a sort of NPC. Jennifer is Saria's cousin, but doesn't have much of a backstory.

The Character

Quick Info
Name: Saria Doragon Trein
Race: Wood Elf
Age: Looks 20's
Natural Power: Earth/Foliage (think Poison Ivy for good power reference)
Class: Assassin
Skills: Stealth, Agility
Weapons: Daggers, Throwing Knives, Hidden Blades

Hair: Mid-back length, dark blue
Eyes: Bright orange (turn green when using her foliage powers)
Skin: Pale, light scars in the shape of tribal tattoos on various parts of her body
Height & Weight: 6'0'', 140 lbs
Build: Thin, lean muscle.
Clothing: Saria tends to dress casually, opting for simple clothing that is easy to fight in. A white tank top and shorts are common. When she does dress up, it always has hints of Elvish flair. Whatever she is wearing, she is always armed, whether you can see it or not.


Saria was born a daughter of the woods. Her family lived in Taur-e-Ndaedelos, or in the common tongue, "Forest of Great Fear". It was called this for in the third age, a dark shadow fell upon the land. The forest became sick and infested, mainly with large arachnids, feeding off the darkness and decay.

However, deep within the forest lay her home city, mostly untouched by the shadow of sickness. Her people - the elves - are a proud race, gifted with the magic to control the woods. They created a trap within the path of the wood, making it near impossible to reach the city unless you knew where you were going. Thus, the darkness of the land was able to be kept at bay, and the city remained fairly untouched for centuries.

Saria grew up a typical elf-child, learning the ways of her magic craft as well as becoming proficient in long-ranged weaponry, mainly as an archer. However, Saria had a gift towards stealth, and she enjoyed training in the assassins class, honing her skills of observation, assimilation, deceit, and accuracy.

Despite the enchantment around Taur-e-Ndaedelos, one day a pack of vampires managed to get in. They took out dozens of elves, and Saria's parents, Rivaldaer and Aeneth, were among those that perished. Ever since she has had a black spot on her heart for vampires, viewing them mostly as monsters that sometimes one must work with. She made it a point to become an expert vampire slayer in retaliation and revenge for her parents.

She left her home partly because she did not feel the same after losing her parents, and partly because she desired to see the world and learn more. Her travels brought her to an institute for the gifted, where she learned about others who had powers which corresponded with other elements as opposed to her foliage. There she met three of her closest friends; Mohan, a shapeshifting doctor; Frayda, a kitsune; and Ralic, a werewolf necromancer.

Eventually Saria and Frayda found themselves in Barton Town, and a plot of land was for sale. On the land sat an old, worn out mansion with curious shadow creatures lurking everywhere. The two women decided to purchase the plot and restore the mansion, turning the house into The Heartless Manor. As co-owners they were wildly successful and the Heartless Manor became home to many curious travelers.

Saria and Ralic eventually married, and had one daughter, Melissa. Melissa was an interesting combination of Elf and Werewolf, and inherited her father's necromancer abilities. She grew up rapidly due to the odd combination of races, and shifted to the shadow realm to live. Ralic went in search of her, and became stuck within the shadow realm for several years, leaving Saria alone.

Fray disappeared overnight, Mohan left in search of scientific wonders, and Saria suddenly found herself alone. She closed the Heartless and left, hoping to find meaning again in her life. Instead, she found alcohol, and for four years nearly drank herself to death. One night she stumbled back into the abandoned manor, hoping to end her life at the place where she once was the happiest. Instead, she discovered newfound drive to open the Heartless up once more. Restoring her old home, Saria opened the doors to the Heartless Manor again to the public.

Eventually, the Manor came back to life. New people crowded in, claiming the Heartless as their home. In addition, Saria managed to get in touch with Mohan to bring him back. Fray returned with explanation of her sudden disappearance, and Ralic finally found his way out of the shadow realm.

But Saria's emotional scars were too deep, and she tried to take the easy way out by barring up her emotions. With the help of a friend, she made a dark connection not meant for wood elves. The connection turned her into a dark elf for a span of about 4 months. The procedure left her unstable, however, and she began to descend into madness. The patrons at the Heartless had to stop her by severing her dark connection to bring back the wood elf inside.

It was then discovered that Melissa was no longer trapped in the shadow realm but was actually part of a wolf pack. Ralic made the decision to join the pack as well to keep an eye on Melissa; but this left Saria alone. Not being able to handle the loneliness again and feeling it driving her mad once more, she decided to jump to a different dimension to try and find a different version of Ralic so that she can be happy again. However, she didn't realize that jumping dimensions would slowly over-write who she is, and that she wouldn't even remember who Ralic is.

She jumped back to her "alpha" timeline, but the damage was already done. She forgets large chunks of her life and continues to try to navigate one timeline while processing memories from the other.


Genetic Enhancements:
Since being genetically modified, Saria has gained the following abilities:

Heightened Strength/Resistance: Due to an injection of Adamantium, Saria has increased strength as well as resistance. This means that she is stronger, faster, and doesn't get injured as easily as before.

Force Field Bubbles: With a swift hand motion, Saria can conjure invisible bubbles of impenetrable force fields. These only last for a few seconds.


Items of Power
Saria also has access to the following magical items that are stored away at the Heartless Manor (some are on her person at all times):

Disguise Mask:
A simple 'super hero' eye slit mask that allow's the wearer to cover their entire form in the illusion of whatever image they so desire. The illusion is powerful of the mind, yet thermal vision, or other heightened perception's could give it away.

Storm Horn:
Summon's an average thunder storm within a couple mile radius of its use. Create's mist in hot climate's, and can be used to many unexpected advantages. Linger's for half a day tops once a day, including only potential torrential rain, heavy wind's, and the occasonal completely random lightening strike ( This item doesn't control the storm )

Adamanize Powder:
Once inhaled ( Doesn't matter how ) it'll turn the user into solid extremely dense adamant at the cost of complete mobility, or functionality. Last's for 1 hour ( Half if only half is taken ). Perfect for surviving impossible to escape explosions, and much less practical in any combat situation.

2x Twin Earings:
A pair of enchanted earrings. Allows one of the owners to 'summon' the other ( Yes, instant teleport transmission ) to the other once a day. With both individual's wearing the earrings they'll have the conscious choice to allow themselves to be summoned. Should one person only be wearing one earing someone else with two can summon them against their will.

2x Weighted Headband:
Enchanted varied colored headband that apply an additional 100 to 500lb evenly distributed across the body. Intended for extreme training, or emphasis of strength over any hope for speed, or the other way around. )

Invisibility Cloak:
Uses a special reflection technology to seamlessly blend the wearer in with their surroundings. Completely invisible when wearer is perfectly still; when in motion a sort of 'heat wave' can be seen if someone focuses on it.

Numb-All Ring:
When activated, temporarily relieves all pain within the wearer's body & mind. Effects can last up to one hour. Physical/Mental injuries still remain.

Space Pouch:
Small pouch that can be tied to a belt or weapon sheath. Opening is one foot in diameter. Pouch can hold up to 300lbs of items without any added weight to the wearer, provided that the items can fit within the 1 foot opening.

Portal Popper:
A small golden orb that looks like a charm for a bracelet. When activated, it tears open a firey black portal for instantaneous inter-dimensional travel. The portal can only remain open for a limited amount of time before auto-closing.


Full character bio in Gaia Profile.

Always questing character art!