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Well, Kimberly asked us to make an information thread for this forum so Polar and Blaky are on the job!

Well, basically, any 'omg[insert name here] is soooooo hott' thread is usually unneeded. There are plenty of threads that have actual discussions about the celebrities.

celebrities that have been repeated many a time:

Male Celebrities:
Adam Brody
Jude Law
the members of Good Charlotte(prodominantly Billy)
Tom Felton
Rupert Grint
Elijah Wood
Billy Boyd
Viggo Mortenson
Colin Farrel
Brad Pitt

Female Celebrities:
Britney Spears
Emma Watson
Paris Hilton
Liv Tyler
Avril Lavigne

Okay, the celebrities listed here are often repeated, as I said. However, some of you may notice a few are missing(i.e.: Orlando Bloom, Chad Michael Murray, Hilary Duff, etc.). That's because they have official threads already. The ones listed here still need them so feel free to make them. However, make them nice. There are several pointers here for you

I-"[OMGSOHAWT!!1] is spam. Do NOT post it here."

This thread is about having ACTUAL conversations. Not running in here and spamming! If you are posting in this forum, please include some information in your post. The fact that you find a celebrity "Purdy" is not information. It is spam, and will be treated as such. Do not try to start conversations with this sort of material. Joking/chatting (which wouldn't contain any useful information about celebrities) is allowed, but don't overdo it. Try to keep a celebrity as the focus of the conversation. The chatterbox is for chatting.

II-"Personal Ideas"

If someone says they don't like a certain celebrity, do not try to force them to like that celebrity. Everyone has their own personal ideas as to who they think is hot/smart/sexy/ect, do not expect everyone to have your same ideas. If you ask people what they think of someone, and they say they hate them, it is their choice. Do not flame people who don't like your favorite celebrity. Respect their choices and move on.

III-"What Belongs Here?"

Any thread in the celebrity forum, must be about a specific or a specific group of celebrities. Threads about "Have you ever seen Family Guy, Isn't It Funny?" don't belong in this sub-forum. If the thread was about "Seth Green as Chris from Family Guy", that would be acceptable. Another thing, musicians count as celebrities. BUT here you must talk about them rather than their music. If the thread only talks about how good their music is, it doesn't belong here.

IV-"Making A Thread"

If you want to make a thread in the celebrity forum, first check AT LEAST five pages back, as well as in the below lists for a similar thread. If there already is one, DON'T make one. Reply in the already made thread. If there isn't one and you decide to make your own thread, don't make the beginning message, "ISN'T [insert-name-here] HOT?!?!". The thread should tell something about the celebrity. Threads that do not follow these rules will be treated as spam.

This is an appropriate message for starting a topic about, say, Jennifer Aniston.

This thread is dedicated to Jennfier Aniston. I think she is wonderful actress, and I love the tv show friends. I also think she is very attractive and sexy. If you don't know who she is, below is a picture and a short filmography.




The message below is NOT appropriate.


OMG! Isn't Jennifer Aniston Hot? What do you think?

Helpful Hints for Those Just Starting Out Here:

1: I cannot stress this enough, seeing as my pet peeves are spelling and grammar. Try to refrain from using chatspeak. I'm not saying this as a rule, but as a suggestion. Yes, I know chatspeak and '1337' are really popular on the internet but it's very hard to read and sometimes the point of your post gets lost

2: And by conversation, just don't jump in and say 'hi', actually say something about the actor:

example: say I had a thread about Corey Haim, nowadays, he's a pretty obscure actor.

You could say: 'hey, I know who you're talking about, I liked him in [instert movie he's been in]'

and the conversation could go from there

3: Don't bump. This forum moves relatively slow so bumping won't be needed. If the owner of the thread cares about it enough, they will bump it themselves if it gets too low

4: Be openminded. Just because someone has a different opinion than you, don't jump all over them. They are completely entitled to their opinion, just as you are

5: This is another one I can't stress enough: please please please, check the first three or four pages of the forum before you make a thread so you'll know if there is an active one already

6: Don't start a versus thread: Isaviel's 'This or That' thread should help [link]

7: Same goes with a 'Hot or Not' thread, Isaviel also made a 'Celebrity Hot or Not' thread

8: Don't spam. By this, I mean, don't go into a thread going 'I'm just here for the gold' or something to that extent...use the chatterbox

9: Please refrain from making any 'Post who you think is hot' threads. There is now a well put together OFFICIAL one. [link]

Most of this was stated by Blaky but I'm just adding in some.

More Tips:

1: Learn to spell celebrities' names. Please, it saves a lot time.

2: Learn to spell 'celebrity' for that matter.

Welcome to the Celebrity forum smile
Tips for the Hate Sticky

^thanks a lot to Isaviel's 'Why do you hate celebrities' thread for helping me with this

Alright, people hate celebrities. It's a given. In fact, a few celebrities irk me as well.

However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you hate a certain celebrity?

Of course, there is the obivous reason for some(when it comes to hating the recent pop divas): that they're "whores"

A whore, by definition,(and I may be paraphrasing but I will get the actual definition up here soon) someone who is a prostitute, someone who exchanges sexual intercourse for money(or other things).

Thus, do you have any proof that [insert popular female celebrity's name here] sells her body for cash? I highly doubt it.

You might say they dress like a whore. They're just confident enough in their self-image to feel free enough to wear revealing clothes. Thus, comes the infamous saying 'If you got it, flaunt it.'

However, I think that hatred for these people boils down to jealousy pure and simple in the end. Why would you be jealous? Because they're usually about your age and yet they're famous and filthy ******** rich. I even admit to being jealous to them.

Link to Isa's thread(it will explain things far better than I can): Why?
List of Celebrity Threads:

These specific threads were selected by how active and how well they were constructed. Many I may have added were left out, due to improper construction manner. (These celebrities deserve better than OMGSOHAWT!!)

(Some threads may not be properly made but added, due to lack of threads made about the specific celebrity)

REMINDER: If a celebrity is on this list, do NOT make a thread about that celebrity. Threads made breaking this rule will be removed.

James McAvoy
David Anders
Billie Joe Armstrong
Billie Don Adams

Christian Bale
Antonio Banderas
Sean Bean
Chester Bennington
Paul Bettany
Orlando Bloom
David Boreanaz
Russell Brand
Josh Brolin
Gerard Butler
Tim Burton

Jim Carrey
Dana Carvey
Jackie Chan
Kevin Clark
Dane Cook
Miley Cyrus

Johnny Depp
David Derosiers
Vin Diesel
Robert Downey Jr.
Haylie Duff

George Eads
Bill Engvall
Emilio Estevez

Jimmy Fallon
Nathan Fillion
Ben Foster
Matthew Fox

Michael Goojian
Ryan Gosling
Topher Grace
Seth Green
Ioan Gruffudd
Jake Gyllenhaal

Phil Hartman
Joe Hahn
Garrett Hedlund
Torri Higginson
Tom Howell

Frankie Iero
Jason Isaacs

Hugh Jackman
Michael Jackson
Scarlett Johansson
Angelina Jolie

Chris Kattan
Nicole Kidman
Pat Kelly
Johnny Knoxville
Kristin Kruek
Ashton Kutcher

Anthony LaPaglia
Avril Lavigne
Juliette Lewis
Matthew Lillard
John Linnell
Rob Lowe
Lucy Lui

Tobey Maguire
Sean Maher
Marilyn Manson
Bam Margera
James Marsters
Jesse McCartney
Ewan McGregor
Freddie Mercury
Idina Menzel
Dominic Monaghan
Keith Moon
Chad Michael Murray
Jason Mraz

Bill Nighy

Gary Oldman

Jared Padalecki
Simon Pegg
Matthew Perry

Philip Quast

Daniel Radcliffe
Johnny Ramone
Ryan Reynolds
Alan Rickman

Richie Sambora
Julian Sands
Dax Shepard
Mike Shinoda
Jewel Staite
Stellan Skarsgard
Ashlee Simpson
Nikki Sixx
Will Smith
Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Jewel Staite
Ringo Starr
Gwen Stefani
Ryan Stiles

David Tennant
Rob Thomas
Jeff Timmons
Tre Cool
Alan Tudyk

Karl Urban

Michael Vartan
Vince Vaughn

Christopher Walken
Gerard Way
Mikey Way
Tom Welling
Pete Wentz
Gene Wilder
Elijah Wood



Renee Zellweger
Ziyi Zhang

Jensen & Jared (Supernatural) Fan Thread
Less Known/Indie Actors

Celebrity everyone thinks is hot, but you dont think so.
Celebrity Hot or Not?
Favorite Celebrity Couples
Have you ever met a celebrity?
If you could meet a celebrity who would it be?
Official Picture Post Thread
When you hear "Movie Star" What actor comes to mind?
60s Rockers


If you believe a thread that belongs here has been left out, PM me the name and link of the thread and it may be added.(If it has been properly constructed) Also, please pm me if there are any broken links. Thanks.

Eleni Star helped find several of the threads above, a shoutout to Eleni!!!
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Thank you so much for making this. Hopefully the n00bs will read it.
Hopefully... sweatdrop
Blak Adder
Hopefully... sweatdrop

Sadly, it's doubtfully. They don't even read the giant 'ATTENTION: NO REPEAT THREADS' announcement at the top of the forum
Whatever happened to this? I hate to see all this great work go to waste.
Thanks Horsey ^_^
Is this ever going to be put up!?!?! eek
Blak Adder
Is this ever going to be put up!?!?! eek

I dunno...Kimberly hasn't been on in a long time

why was it so urgent for me to get on AIM last night?
*sobs* gonk
Wow... Thanks for making this thread.

And I'm happy to see my official Lucy Liu thread as a link. ^_^
The mods made us wait for a while until we were able to get a guide to posting in the book forum stickied. I think the thread had about 20 pages of bumping and meaningless chatter before they stickied it.

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