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I did it! I made an official thread. 3nodding I hope it's okay. sweatdrop It's Hilary Duff and I searched and searched for another, but to no avail (thank God!).

.edit//Here's the link: Official Hilary Duff Thread
El bumpo...

Have you guys PMed our mod about this? biggrin
Captain Horsey
I just checked her user profile. She's been logging in pretty regularly. Last time she logged in was today. confused

Seriously? Why has she abandoned us?
So we kinda have no mod. gonk
If you guys don't mind, I think I am going to PM Kimberly about this thread one more time. Hopefully I can get a definitive answer on whether she's still modding this forum/what we need to do to get this stickied.
Kimberly said she was going to talk to the other mods and is supposed to let us know the status of this thread later on today. whee
Well, that's somewhat promising. whee
Agreed. 3nodding
I was going to say earlier that I noticed that Lluvia Maya added herself to this forum.. She's an omnimoderator though.. x_o; But since you already PMed Kimberly, I guess you don't have to ask her. xd

..I said I was going to leave didn't I? XD
...still no news. sad
Hey guys, don't worry! We've waited this long, what's a few more days? It'll all work out in the long run.
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Hygienic Dabbler

The Huge Depp thread. Post this link here. Make them stop making new ones. PLEASE!!! Make them stop. Make them stop.

Ok I'm better now.
Bump for the good of the celeb forum.

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