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Hi lanzer and others.

1. What the updates on Alchemy? There a thread here -http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/site-feedback/gaia-stop-ignoring-alchemy-admin-response-p-6/t.78731175/
that give great ideas. I heard you guys had a meeting on it can you tell us anything that you came up with in that meeting?

another idea a user came up with was this-User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

2. What going on with past contests , were there any winner for- Gaia Fortune Cookie Contest?

3. Vampires on gaia , can they get drunk?

We've made some progress and we think that we've got something that will greatly increase the chance of obtaining the alchemy item that you want.

We'll look into it, sorry for the wait.

They get flush when they drink blood, but that's about it.

Thanks for answering. I hope to see that progress soon or soonish.
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Can i ask a question?

Who win The mini red devil wings?
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emotion_awesome Have you thought about adding more emotion cons to the Emotions list? To have more would be great!
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Can developers create an iPhone notice system for the app? I miss being quoted and such on my phone because I don't get the red circle in the corner of the icon telling me I have a notice/PM/etc.
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Good evening Admin!

Is Monster Galaxy close to it's release for the site?
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Can I just sit here lurking or using Vocaroo, to send audio messages?

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1. Will the later generations of the Case of Pietro have their evolutions sped up? I have an 11th gen. and I hope I don't have to wait two years to get all the items.

2. Will the imps and centaurs ever make a comeback in the Gaia plot?

3. Will Josie ever get a chance to shine as well? I feel she's a neglected NPC.

4. Any word on whether Alchemy gonna be fixed? I really want to craft a Longer Langer but the way it is now, even if I could find the components it would cost me at LEAST 7.2 million gold to make, which is pretty ridiculous for a single-pose, Level 4 item.
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Hello, Lanzer and everyone. Aside from the winners of the signature designs for Stein's contest, I have no other questions. But I'll be happy to chat around.
Good evening, Lanzer! smile

Could there be an update with new skins in Skin Tyte and new haircuts in Salon Durem? Haircuts like with designs (highlights) and bangs?
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I'm still a bit upset by the Memphis situation. In the past ATA sessions, the only responses to her return is "I'll release more Memphis Lite into the daily chance" (Lanzer) and "I never liked her from the start. She's unbalanced" (Pan, I believe)

You went back on the promise in the dev alert to bring them back in "a few weeks". It's been over five months. Question: Why not address this whole situation in a dev alert or in some kind of sticky or announcement? Alot of Gaians were (and still are) highly upset that she was removed.
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Hi guys! I'm just wondering about that Gaia Mobile App for iPhone and Android (...or is there even an Android app yet?). How is development going on it? I hope it's still getting updates; it was really nice, but the features were kind of REALLY hard to navigate and it... looked... clunky. sweatdrop But it was useful!

Thank you so much, admins!

I know you get asked this at every AtA, but what about Spring Cleaning 2011 and now 2012? I mean, Spring is here and Spring Cleaning from 2011 still isn't done. Has it even been looked at? The Cookies system was neat, but I think it just kinda sunk. Did you guys forget about it? gonk And will you do it again for 2012?

Thanks again! emotion_yatta
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            Hello Admins and staff, I have 2 questions.

            O1. I noticed that when ever I want to see a preview of an item on my avatar in the marketplace, it closes the preview box, than it makes me click a pore of the item again to see it.

            O2. My ring for zOMG, Ring: Hornet Nest, is not soulbound, and I'm pretty sure I bought the ring between the months of November - January. I have used the ring multiple times, and it still isn't soulbound.
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Lanzer! Did you see hunger games!?

I totally did! Loved it.
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Aquarium issues still I can add all the fish I want but can't decorate..and a few others have this issue.. is there a fix in progress? heart
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Quick question about Astra-XXIV: Rainbow Radiance and Astra XV: Cruising Cumulus, although I guess it might be the same for any 2 animated items or like animated backwings and backgrounds.

Sometimes the wings will stay animated with the Cruising Cumulus when you're in dress up, but then they'll dissapear and reappear once you save the look. Like sometimes everything will work and sometimes they'll just not be there.

Is there anyway the animated backwings could work better with Cruising Cumulus and other backgrounds. A lot of the backgrounds cancel out the wings.

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