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                  If you were from where I was from, you'd be f***in' dead! xx

                  Just curious...
                  Is there supposed to be a background on the header? Because there isn't one on my end.
                  Also, a bunch of pages such as the Adventure Time Event page, World page, and Game page do not have backgrounds.
                  What's up with that?

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Tipsy Loiterer

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will you guys and gals be mah buddies? :3
Are you going to make alchemy recipes for Sea Water and FAIL and rare ingredients like those? It would be one way to reduce the chance involved.
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Lonely Phantom

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Dear Admins;;

This is my first time every posting any ATA questions. [: ♥

Today you posted a Dev Alert about "faster site loading". I have noticed, on all of my accounts, that the site is loading slower & that most of the times my pages aren't even loading! Like, right now, the Adventure Time header just shows a bunch of clouds, nothing else! It was happening on and off before but I figured you would have fixed it by now.
When do you plan to fix it?

Also; with the <3 & </3 thing...I really don't think you implementing it was fair. A lot of people get trolled and get massive </3's. There are shops that want people to PAY them to dislike a thread! that's not very fair, in my opinion, and it's hurting a lot of the business people get. Why did you implement this feature in the first place? when do you plan to fix it's flaws?

And, lastly... I really miss the majhongg dimensions game you had a few months back. I was wondering if you'd be willing to bring it back?

Thank you, Admins, for your time and consideration! ♥
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Why are mods seeming to be the only people getting chosen for the featured avatars lately? :/

For the next couple of months we'll be rotating between have mods and users featured. Last week we had regular users featured, this week we'll be having the mods. We did this so that both the users and mods can have a chance to interact with each other in a social environment.

For more info, check out the thread I made here.
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Hi everyone,

We have a few updates on some topics that have come up in the last few ATAs.

This isn't necessarily a major update, but we wanted to let you know what we're working on. Details are still being kicked around, but we want to take some of the chance out of the process where we can, and give you guys an element of choice (such as with the Philosopher's Cache). Like I said, we're not totally there yet and we're not going to go to a "full choice" system (just to make sure I'm not setting crazy expectations), but we're working on some ideas here. Hopefully we'll have something for you to check out sooner rather than later.

We're now working on the bug list we've prioritized, so you'll see some of them get fixed pretty shortly. We also are planning to recycle last year's Easter Event (yay!).

Ok, that's it for now....
Recycled event is better than no event. Thank you for doing that for us! <3
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James Daniel Garcia
Can I just sit here lurking or using Vocaroo, to send audio messages?


Yes, yes you can.... LIKE THIS! xd

Be well,
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Why are mods seeming to be the only people getting chosen for the featured avatars lately? :/
That's their intentions at the moment.

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Is the admin panel still blue? I remember seeing a screenshot of it years back, haha.
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An Android version of our Gaia app is definitely something that's been requested frequently, and we know that users are looking forward to it. There are some features which have special mobile versions to make it easier for all platforms (i.e., Forums Lite in Labs), which can help.

Mrs Blunder
Hello, admins. I've got a question, on behalf of myself and many other users:

Why is the Gaia Online App not available on the Android Market? You've made Monster Galaxy available to us, after all.

How likely is it that the app will be released to other markets, rather than just iTunes?

I've recently started a petition asking for it's release, because a search of threads hinted that the admins had no intention of releasing it to the Android Market without explicit interest. Is this true?
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Zero Omega
Lanzer! Did you see hunger games!?

I totally did! Loved it.
You are now my favorite admin!

I'mg lad somebody liked it. Everybody in the Hunger Games forum is complaining about horrible it was!

I haven't heard anything bad about it yet. XD
Why are mods seeming to be the only people getting chosen for the featured avatars lately? :/
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Unique Hacker

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Sadly, my artistic abilities are lacking, and any duck I made by hand would end up looking like some alien creature.

Lurking, mostly, but will occasionally snipe questions.
Why didn't you have a ducky in the duck race?
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Star Catcher

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As a dear fan of animated items and butterflies, what hope have I of getting an animated item that uses the towns butterfly sprites?
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Ridley Starsmore
Hey guys.

1. Y U NO HAVE EIs?!

2. White Dander Recolor, can we make this happen?

3. Could we do another "win a halo" contest so some of use have a snowball's chance in hades of getting one?

4. Alchemy updates, if you please?

captcha? FACE THE MUSIC.
what about a diapered egg white recolor with bluefin instead of ash and an angel instead of cupid

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