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Lurking, mostly, but will occasionally snipe questions.
Why didn't you have a ducky in the duck race?
What do you predict Gaia will be like in 5 years? As far as long-term goals go, what's in mind?
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Lonely Phantom

No question, just a 'thank you!' for everything! 4laugh
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zOMG need be fixed, the orbs are glitched in null chamber (sometimes)
good job people pirate thanks for all (in a good way) 3nodding
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Still waiting for a facial hair shop. emotion_donotwant
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Do you guys ever think of reconsidering who you partner up with in terms of Gaia Cash Offers? Because SponsorPay is quite honestly disappointing, they haven't replied to a file I had reported for days.
Good evening gaia admins,staff, and developers. biggrin I just had about 5 questions to ask and i hope you are able to answer them ^-^ Btw Im sorry for the so many questions. sweatdrop

1). My first question is about Monster galaxy, i was wondering if even thogh it is comeing to gaia with out logining into facebook would that help us be able to ask our friends on gaia to be neighbors with out them being our neighbors on facebook? im asking for those who may not have a facebook. but i was curious on if it was going to be like how you have backyard monsters and resort world?

2). My next question i was wanting to know if the game you have on facebook called soul crash if there was anyway you was going to bring that game to gaia aswell with out needing facebook? I personally think that would be awsome to have that and monster galaxy on here.

3). my next question is why is gaia randomly haveing my computer say cannot display this web page just out of random only on gaia? it has been doing it for the past 2 months now and it wont stop.

4). Is there any chance that gaia may create some Resident Evil items such as outfits or anything? i just wondered. (just a huge resident evil fan for a girl lol)

5). For now i have only one more question is there any talk about makeing more games to earn gold instead of tickets?

Anyways Thank you so much for your time in reading all my questions.^-^ and hope to here from you guys soon.
heart heart heart
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Will there be anymore Adventure Time events in the future, or perhaps some other CN show like, say.... Regular Show?

I would love to see Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Cheese needs to be on gaia emotion_donotwant !!!!
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Can You Make The Papa Saw Gold Return More Please Cause i Play Soo Much.. But I Dont Get Alot Of Gold sad
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Any chance that we could make the <3 or </3 feature optional in some forums?

A high </3 count in the art shops forum could drive off potential customers for artists, and you shouldn't be able to </3 at all in the charity forum imo, because that's just rude.
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Thank you for adding the gold refund to BB tickets, and for fixing zOMG'd daily chance. mrgreen

SDplus doll for swarf?
User Image

Heya Starshine!

Thanks for the nice words - you are most welcome. Glad you got your refund, and enjoy the fixed DC in zOMG!. As for the SDplus Swarf doll, we'll pass your request along!

Be well ^^
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Why can't you put all of the components and formulas in the Bifrost for a reasonable price? Having to get them out of alchemy RIGs is stupid. Either you go through the effort of crafting them and risk getting a worthless component, or you spend millions buying them from users gouging the prices in the marketplace. Just because you set the price of most components at 1,000 gold doesn't mean people are going to charge only that much. I'm not going to spend hours crafting Golden Magical Giftboxes just to get Jumbo Mouse Ears when I could just buy and sell items and make more money that way. Alchemy is so expensive that you have to have at least 100 million gold to get to level 10, and many more users would enjoy alchemy if everything was reasonably priced. It shouldn't cost 100m gold to get to level 10. Not even the trillionaires can finish their backwings quests because of the way alchemy is right now. Stop making little incremental changes and give us a big change. I don't know if you've noticed but most users are unhappy with alchemy right now.
people need to stop complaining about thread voting. jeez. e_e domokun stargate
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Razumi Yazura
Hey, guys. Hope you're all doing well this fine evening.

(Thank you for fixing the AutoCash problem that many of us were having, by the way.)

I have some pretty big concerns and I know that it's a subject that you guys may not love to answer. It's about Alchemy. I thank Lanky for replying to me a bit about this, but I would still like to address this matter.

I have a very close friend that has been working on crafting the Aurora Kitten Star. I have helped her as much as I can to gather the components. Once they were all gathered to craft the soul crystal required to make the kitten, we thought the hard part was over.

We were sadly mistaken.

After the initial 9 failed attempts at crafting the kitten star, we thought "This is insane. This can't be right." I funded her to try more attempts, but it resulted in more fails. After 16 failed attempts at crafting the kitten, we've decided to stop. A total of 16 million gold going towards failed attempts was getting out of hand. My friend has spent a lot of RL money on Gaia Cash to try and make this kitten and still does not have the finished product. Several people have tried to help her with the crafting fee and it's still failing.

While I understand that success rate is low and fails happen, I feel that Alchemy's success rate should taper. The percentage of failure should decrease after every failed attempt. If not, there should be a point where the success rate changes a bit. Judging by what is happening to this particular formula, the success rate is static. It potentially can chain fail for a very long time. For a formula that requires 1 million each crafting attempt, this is absurd. Especially when the components were already hard to attain to begin with. I've had level 10 formulas crafted before with no fail rates, but had high success rate. Why is it that formulas with components that are easily attained have an easier success rate than formulas that have much harder attained components? That seems rather backwards to me.

While we do not expect to see the gold back and were prepared to see fails, a total of 16 times with no end product is concerning. It's alarming. The balancing of the success rate and how it functions needs to be adjusted.

We don't want her to try any more crafting attempts since it may cause her further stress if it continues to fail. At its current state, it's too upsetting to even look at.

As one of the people who attempted to help fund her attempts at this, I'd really like to see this issue addressed.

No other issues forthcoming for me ATM.
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Why are mods seeming to be the only people getting chosen for the featured avatars lately? :/

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