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*would you consider re-releasing the grunny/zombie-thingie skins we had a chance of getting ages ago for a halloween event (if i'm not mistaken)?

i know a whole lot of us would LOVE that, as those weren't equippable and we eventually lost them one by one.
the zombie skin we got with an easter egg last year comes with terrible mouth/eyes that can't be replaced with any mod, so..
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Dawn Marshall
Dawn Marshall
Dawn Marshall

That's what they said about the sims and they made it happen.
Sims is a lot different than zOMG. On sims, it's characters you create with the already pre-made characters. zOMG has hundreds and thousands of real players. It's probably impossible to do.

key word probably. if you cut back? maybe only have three major areas which would be Bass'ken lake, Zen Gardens and Village Greens. And if you're able to link up the accounts it should be hard. But that is just my opinion. >.>
They probably would not do that, and even if they could, it probably wouldn't be high on their priority list.

If they were to do something like that, they would probably make a mini game. They would put you in the arenas and you could only play that.

That's my opinion...

Well, you can't access it from ipod's, cause i have tried. And i really love the game, especially since it keeps me from boring my self to death. That is why i think it'd be a good game to go. its like draw something on here its Draw my thing by the same people just different, its able to connect to the ipods all around to play. An arena would be cool. It'd be a fighting game that would be better then Temple Run and Draw Something. And what SHOULD be on you admin's Priority list is the wants and needs of the website and of the gaians who are the ones playing. You can't get anything done without trying.
Yes I know you can't do that...

Plus, Apple's products doesn't support Gaia's flash. At least, I just read something like that...

It shouldn't be that hard to make a game that involves fighting like zOMG and gives Gaians gold (because i really need some and because im always on the go i cant earn much >.< ) can you not create a game that links to gaia and be able to get gold using the ipod? If you can't then i would be seriously disappointed.
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I have a couple of questions/suggestions.

1. In order to help alleviate ridiculous inflation in the market place, why doesn't Gaia put a price cap on certain items. For example: if an item has a store price of 60k, that item cannot be sold above 60k.

2. Instead of constantly flooding the market place with items, making it nearly impossible for someone who doesn't play 24/7 OR have the cash to buy all the pixelated items with, why doesn't gaia slow down putting new items out there and instead have re-releases for the old ones? For example: re-release certain RIGs and/or EIs, but still keep producing more MCs.

3. Is there going to be a banking system introduced to Gaia anytime soon? There doesn't even have to be interest or the like, I would just like somewhere to store my gold instead of constantly having it on hand.

If I have any other questions or concerns, I'll be back. Thanks for your time! heart

Unfortunately inflation main affects items that are purchased from the cash shop or event items. We couldn't place caps on items that doesn't have a gold shop price.

It's hard to strike a balance between too many and too little, as we are constantly responding to requests for better items, items fitting certain genres and styles. Many ask for more, some ask for less.

A banking system never made it to the list because the idea of not working to gain gold is something that would potentially inflate the market even more, even though the idea is that interest would help keep up with inflation, it's a weird thing as Gaia's economy doesn't quite work like real life economy.
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I wasn't going to bother posting but since this AtA is going on for ever..

Have you ever considered sponsors from outside the US? I honestly had no idea what Adventure Time was before now and I'd like a chance to confuse everyone else for a change. twisted
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Why can't zOMG! rings be unsoulbound?

Because you touch yourself at night! scream

nah, j/k, they used to not be, but then everyone was selling them and the value went to crap AND broke the game.
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2. Will anymore rings be added to zOMG ever?

I had an idea for like a reversed "bandage" ring. It like takes health to restore stamina like how bandage takes stamina to heal. It'd also make an amazing suicide ring for people who need to return to null.

I am LOVING this idea... And personally, I think a passive ring, for faster stamina regen w/o the kneeling, for us kamikazi folks (idk how to spell it).

And again... CAKE ROLLS! heart
edit: wtf? I quoited someone and it showed the wrong message
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Corinth Maxwell
Speaking of this, there is no Gameworks in Las Vegas, NV anymore. crying

They are closed, but they are relocating, but not too sure where.

emotion_kirakira Wait, wait......You're from Las Vegas, too? *rushes to check out your profile* emotion_kirakira

cat_burning_eyes *grieves as his eyes are burned away by the blinding red background* cat_burning_eyes

That is not actually red. XD
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Ridley Starsmore
Why can't zOMG! rings be unsoulbound?

Because you touch yourself at night! scream

nah, j/k, they used to not be, but then everyone was selling them and the value went to crap AND broke the game.

That's broken within itself... have you SEEN the sweetheart ring's prices?!?
Can we fix this too?
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The Accept Request request? Yuck!
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How about an update to the REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD Inventory Arranger?
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I had a serious question but I think it is bad that I cannot remember what it was upon hitting the reply button ...

So might as well do something to amuse myself.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


What is the meaning of life?
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Krissim Klaw
Android Amber
Krissim Klaw
Android Amber
Not even a single response. -_-
Thanks Gaia.
Not POSITIVE, but I think someone else had mentioned the crafting of that item, and a mod replied to them. They even said it COULD be a bug, and they are going to look into it. If it IS a bug, maybe you can get refunds! Good luck. <3

It's not a bug. I already know that much because it had nothing to do with any soulbound items.

It's the end result of a faulty and badly consructed system which at this point they honestly don't seem to care about fixing, because all i ever hear is "We're looking into it."
My case is no different apparently, seeing as the fact i wasted all that money makes no difference to them.
This issue has been brought up months, upon months, upon months ago. I and other users were bringing it up before alchemists even got to level 10 because it was obvious there was going to be a problem with the low craft success rate formulas that are level 10 because nothing you do will make the success rate increase. Unfortunately even back then we got the same, we will look into it and see if something needs to be changed.
That is just awful. User Image YOu'd imagine something could be done by now...or at least put a Gaia wide spread "pause" on crafting till Alchemy was fixed. Something! ANYTHING! gonk
I'm under the impression they don't even consider that issue to be a problem. It was how the system was designed to work. Several potential fixes were offered via users such as having it set so a formula could only fail so many times or the option to pay more for a sure fire success rate but nothing was done.
Paying MORE seems so unfair tho..I mean..with as much as it costs already. A set number of fails sounds like a good idea...I would just worry that everyone would have the max fails before a craft worked properly. User Image
fly high - icarus
Do you think.....that my dad... might ever come back? I miss him.

.:The Sentinel has deemed you worthy of her words, mortal...

I doubt it. I bet by now he's been sucked into one of my Death Portals. e ue

"I think I'd still rather devour this world in flames while legions
of demons poke at the few remaining survivors with tridents.
That sounds more my speed."

Hey Sen... You should help me get him out of there. I really do miss him....


Hi Icarus... How are you? ; ~ ;
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Can we fix this too?
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OMG, especially in towns!

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