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    gaia_smilies/icon_crown.gif yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif PookeTard yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif gaia_smilies/icon_crown.gif

    My name's Henry. Yes, I like to be called Henry. It's more prince like than my real name. I'm 16 turning 17 in August. I love to draw and play video games. Mostly Nintendo but I do go out side of that zone sometimes. I'm usually found in my room with undies on playing Smash Brothers. I've seriously loved that game before I even owned it. I would even watch trailers of melee when I was younger. I have Pokemon yah know...Heart Gold to be exact. I used to have black but my Chihuahua, Dookie, Was all nom-nom on it. Politoed>Arceus. I make many cosplays from a bunch of different series. I'm one of those layering geniuses. My goal is to cosplay all of the Smash Bros. characters and create on epic gallery. I got the girls out of the way except Nana....FFFFFFFFFF So far i'm up to 6/45 with the left behind Melee characters being included.(That's not including Warios second costume)My days are filled with complete bore. Sure Smash bros. is a great game but it is also very monotonous. I wish I could get out more but unfortunately I'm uncool and have social anxiety. One day I hope to become a computer graphic designer....OR A KPOP STAR!(Nintendobe & Me gunna be Asian Generation) I love kpop. Well no. I love some kpop. For now anyways. I tend to go for more girls than boy groups. I'm the biggest Girls' Generation fan you'll probably ever meet. Not one of those "Sones" that spam the Youtube videos with comments like TAEYEON TAEYEON TAEYEON!❤ (Despite my habit to write Taeyeon, I'm deeply in love with Sunny) I also have found that I have a DEEP like for the Wonder Girls. They aaaaiight. But also 2ne1, Dal Shabet, 5Dolls, T-ara, A-pink, and Shinee I guess. Not to mention a few other random songs I like. PON and Bubble Pop!
    In the end. I feel I can say I'm a pretty nice guy. Always have been. Sure I've got my flaws then again who doesnt? You're free to leave me a comment or message but don't add me and not expect me to comment you first. D<

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    Wuht now?......
    uhh I KNOW! let's talk about my bffls.

    (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ- Nintendobe.
    Dis guuurl....No No...DIS NIGGA. xD
    She's my girlfriend in rl and we're un-separable.
    One of the funniest and coolest girls on Gaia.
    Let's just say, she's Kim Possible and I'm Ron Stoppable.

    The next person has so many accounts. I will just refer to her as
    (づ ̄ u ̄)づ- LyzBoob.
    She's my Canadian girlfriend.
    Known her for awhile.
    Always let's me make fun of her and basically troll her.
    She helped me make this profile cuz she's B0$$ at that.
    I seriously love her though.
    Even if she smells like fish ; u ;
    ((Bitch im fabulous
    and btw ty for everything broski Lawlz
    8/3/12- lyz))



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    Just Keep smiling bby <3

    -Wild Kh~Fag appeared-

    ~ Avi Art ~

    More later...maybe....idk e A e;
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