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    ⇛ Hi there. You can call me "Umi" if I get along with you.
    ⇛ I'm a girl in real life. Having a guy avi is fun though.
    ⇛ 8LMO - made the art to the left and I made the one above.
    ⇛ Each new generation of Pokemon makes me go "ew".
    ⇛ Don't say "kawaii" and "artsu" in an English sentence.
    ⇛ I like anime/manga, Vocaloid, and art. Conversation starter.

    Hello there! Most people call me Umi. I am a college student intending to major in Fashion Design. I'm also taking Japanese, so if you know some maybe we could practice together? c:

    I'm a girl in real life! Sometimes I just like to have guy avatars and make them cool or cosplay.

    I'm an easy person to get along with. I always try to keep the optimistic look on life. I also do a lot of art. Feel free to look at my dA! Yep, I guess that's good. (  ゚‿ゝ゚)

    Also, my first year of college has started for me. Because of this I won't be online as much. I'll be online much more often again during breaks and summer vacation. Sorry!

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