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    Hey there stranger,or friend.
    Well let me start off by telling you my name.
    My name is Joanna,but mostly everyone calls me Joy,Why well lets just keep that a secret for now ^^
    I live in California,and im 17 years old.
    I pretty much can talk to anyone and become there friends,ill donate but only if i want to
    I have a facebook & twitter so PLEASE follow me if youd like @ViciousMurder
    If you want my e-mail just PM me but you will have to be a good friend for me to even let you in my life
    Oh and if you want my cell number,you better be one of my VERY good friends. ^^
    Im shy and wierd,if you know me in real life there would be no problem proving that.Anyways if your still reading on then you must care about me <3
    Add Me,To Know Me More! *hugs chu*
    haha : P

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    ~I Would Like To Thank My Donators~:

    I Love I ExYf - Over 1,425,000g
    Thank You So Much Mi Son!

    xXGaara_Of_The_SnowXx - 35,000g
    Thank You! (: <3
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