Hey there stranger,or friend.
Well let me start off by telling you my name.
My name is Joanna,but mostly everyone calls me Joy,Why well lets just keep that a secret for now ^^
I live in California,and im 19 years old.
I pretty much can talk to anyone and become there friends,ill donate but only if i want to
I have a facebook & twitter so PLEASE follow me if youd like @ViciousMurder
If you want my e-mail just PM me but you will have to be a good friend for me to even let you in my life
Im shy and wierd,if you know me in real life there would be no problem proving that.Anyways if your still reading on then you must care about me <3
Add Me,To Know Me More!
haha : P

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~I Would Like To Thank My Donators~:

I Love I ExYf - Over 1,425,000g
Thank You So Much Mi Son!

xXGaara_Of_The_SnowXx - 35,000g
Thank You! (: <3


Qoute : " Giving Up Doesnt Mean Your Weak It Just Means Your Strong Enough To Let Go "<3

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