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redface are you staring at my n** nops?
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art by pudgy pie

The closest you'll get to a selfie is this art by Vxce

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I like to make art, and chat around CB.
Make me an offer if you're interested.
Here are some recent examples:
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I also like to buy art. whee
Drop me a link in the comments if you're a vendor.

Random PMs make me feel on edge.


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Careless Kim Report | 03/01/2024 2:55 pm
Careless Kim
That you for the gift, I use to collect the original Littlest Pet Shops when I was a kid, they were some of my favorite toys.
Careless Kim Report | 02/29/2024 12:08 pm
Careless Kim
I want to get some nice navy blue curtains for the bedroom, I have bought 2 different sets for the bedroom now and I hate them both, one lets to much light though and the other is the wrong shade, and we know how much that bothers me, lol.
Careless Kim Report | 02/29/2024 11:49 am
Careless Kim
I bought it on Wayfair, so I hope so, but it looks similar to a chair I just bought from Leon's and I like that chair. This new one is a different material though. I'm going to order leaf throw pillows and maybe a leaf blanket for it.
Careless Kim Report | 02/29/2024 11:08 am
Careless Kim
I ordered a chair for my library today.
Aries_LT Report | 02/28/2024 2:25 pm
Thanks for the gift! Love it! heart
pilot roethke Report | 02/27/2024 10:47 am
pilot roethke
HELLO thank you very much for the gift it is quite nice and i hope you have a good day too ^_^
Careless Kim Report | 02/26/2024 8:12 am
Careless Kim
Same, and it has been getting over whelming. Some of these thing bring me joy to see, but I don't want to clutter my shelves.
Careless Kim Report | 02/26/2024 8:01 am
Careless Kim
That is my aesthetics with some Disney tossed in, lol. I need to downsize the toys though, because I want a more nature vibe.
Careless Kim Report | 02/26/2024 7:45 am
Careless Kim
I have about 10 Pops and I'm keeping them, it's all the action figures that are just too much.
Careless Kim Report | 02/26/2024 7:24 am
Careless Kim
I have so many superhero and Disney toys that it isn't funny. I'm thinking I'm going to sell most of them, because I started pulling them out and putting them on the shelves with the books and I started to hate it, it felt junky, so now I have nowhere to display them.

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