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Rachie (your plushie)
She is probably the bestest and cutest and sweetest and funniest (jk... i'm the funniest sry) person I will ever meet in my life.I'm so super freaking lucky to have you in my life, Rach~ c:
I love you,
Forever and always.

Micah (bhann)
I love vinny so much. Honestly, I'm so happy to have met and to have reconnected with this guy. :--) ya.. so.... IF ANY OF Y'ALL PUNK a** b***h HOES DO HIM WRONG IN ANYWAY, I'LL BE COMIN AFTER YO ASSES.
ur a hoe but ily v much!!



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hye welcome (๑•́ ω •̀๑)
last updated: 10/25/19

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Instagram: enots.anna


a BIG thank you @ all my donators :'--)
such wonderful angels.. truly.. <3 i love u all


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vncnt's hack
sorry. the smell of you makes me queasy
okay so, you're hella random. but that's cool.
cause weird is cool LOL
we talk about the randomest shyt ever.
//cough mrs.krabs LOL
okok well gonna make this short.
you're an awesome person.
it's disgusting af' when you snapchat me while you're taking a shyt
like wtffff. nobody wanna see that crap! (literally)
haha, stay awesome FaKingRuDe


I just gotta say you're
a cool cat and you leave me speechless.
do you boo boo~

p i x i e d u s t
your bb