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Hey, I'm Vee. > A <
I'm married now, as of 07/07/13 <3
I'm 22.
I just graduated college. Now it's just work work work.
I'm highly obsessed with KPOP stuff, & Criminal Minds.
I like anime and all that junk too. o 3 o

P.s I'm really shy so I tend to only talk to people who seem nice.
I'm playing zOMG with friends again. But only a little at a time.
I'm a writer // Rp'er // Avid Reader
I love watching movies, anything except horror// scary because.. I can't sleep.

I'm currently collecting a lot of items on my wishlist.
My favorite color schemes are pink // white ll Pink //yellow ll pink/grey

I've just come back from a four year hiatus
And I'm poor so I won't be donating as much

Always collecting art- desu~
Feel free to drop a comment// Private Messege
I tend to respond~