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hi im colleen
i like long walks to the library, and different type of fries.
im a preschool teacher, and a procrastinator at art. insta @cbocstar
reading mostly graphic novels at the moment.
you can find me in rally sometimes during the weekends. i mostly just go on here to change outfits and collect that daily plat.
currently rewatching the magicians and pretending season 4 season finale didn't happen LOL.
life is weird atm.
ill post links eventually, or u can ask. i dont think anyone even reads these anymore.


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Nyu0u Report | 05/21/2019 2:24 pm
heart heart heart
wildbrier Report | 05/20/2019 9:33 am
It's going okay! A little slow. I think I only need 3 or 4 more items to complete the avi. If I sell what I have in my store, I think I should be able to get them. You are so sweet, you don't need to donate anything. emotion_bigheart
The only problem is one of them isn't listed very often. emotion_drool If you have a Freshly Hollowed you don't need, I'd gladly buy it from you!

Lol! And yes, jet lag was a problem. It's worst the first 2 weeks but the effect lingers for a month or so. I think I was really tired for about a month. I'm in Columbus, Ohio right now! It's a nice city, lots to do. Love the art museum. whee I have a couple clients but I'm also working on a new portfolio as well.

And you're welcome! Parents made me nervous sometimes too. Just do your best and let them know how their kid is doing in class; try not to think about the parents so much. Most parents are nice and aren't judging you, they just want to know about their kid. No big deal. smile The few judgy parents probably have nothing better to do than nit-pick so don't mind them. If you're doing your best, then no worries!

And yeah, I toootally get you about people not taking me seriously. I am short and look pretty young and I often get patronized by other adults. I think body language is key for dealing with it, but I am also shy and quiet so I really understand the emotional toll it takes to put on the act for parents. emotion_skull I always had to catch myself when I was being too quiet and then force myself to be loud and energetic. I really had to practice forcing myself to find something to say about their kids, and then to say it without appearing like I have to think about it. It is mentally exhausting! I kept a list of notes about each kid and I would write something down whenever it happened in class. Like "so and so helped his friend build something today" or "so and so seems to have trouble pronouncing ____". It helped when parents asked because I had 90 students and it was difficult to remember everything about each individual kid. Maybe that would help you too!

I was also completely drained after work; Mentally and physically. People don't realize how demanding of a job it can be! I didn't draw for 2 years while I worked there. It is a great job and very rewarding but it can also be tough.
wildbrier Report | 05/10/2019 8:16 am
Thanks, Foxy! I'm actually trying to sell 95% of my inventory to afford my dream avi! emotion_skull So this will be my placeholder avi until then, lol!

I'm doing well, I'm back in the States and working as a freelance graphic designer right now. I miss my students!

And yes, I did. Unfortunately I think there will be a gossip problem in almost every workplace. People just aren't professional/mature enough to keep their mouths closed. I try my very best to never get in anyone's business while I'm at work; I only talk to my co-workers about work and also about non-offensive things like hobbies, weather, TV shows, events and food and such. Never about other people unless it's in a good way. If someone tries to gossip to me, I just say something like "Oh, really?" or "You can't please everyone" or "Maybe they're stressed out" or "I'm sure they didn't mean it that way". Then I change the subject. And if I hear gossip about me I just ignore it and do my work. If someone brings it up to me, I just correct the misinformation and go about my day. I was busy trying to keep kids safe and happy; I don't need to deal with adult kids too, lol!
Acoua Report | 04/24/2019 6:50 am
what's wrong?
Eclairsu Report | 04/01/2019 10:27 am
Aw, you're welcome! I agree! Aurora Pink is my new favorite hair color. >w<
Eclairsu Report | 03/31/2019 6:25 pm
I don’t remember what it’s called. But the color is Aurora pink. :3
Dollsie Report | 03/29/2019 10:09 pm
emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
Marrled Report | 03/18/2019 4:41 pm
the magicians, is amazing, umbrella academy is pretty good too, i love the time travel aspects of both. west world was insane, you have my respect now lady
Rexxy Au Report | 03/17/2019 8:51 pm
Rexxy Au
the magicians <2
Kamekosu Report | 03/16/2019 10:00 pm