Merry Meet & Welcome!~

I'm an old soul, health enthusiast, tea connoisseur, & nature wanderer.
I’m a full time Library Assistant. In my free time you can find me playing with my fur children (3 cats/1 dog), cooking/baking, reading, floral arranging, gardening, exercising/swimming & crafting.

I adore art in all forms, as I'm not picky. I'm open to all concepts.
Of course, we have opinions; However, I look for beauty in every aspect.

I'm an aspiring minimalist & prefer a frugal, non-materialistic lifestyle.

I'm very much into health & beauty, & I continuously teach myself therapeutic-healthy ways to take care of my well being. I'm a slight perfectionist, thus I constantly put effort & thought into the choices I make for my health and lifestyle.
I mostly eat a paleo, non-gmo, & non-processed diet. In contribute to this, I adore & drink plenty of tea. Some of my favorite’s are: Rose, Rooibos, Honeybush, Hojicha Green, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Fennel, & Chamomile Lavender.

Thank you for stopping by ♥
Take care of yourself and have a blessed day/evening ❀