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Registered: 01/29/2004

Gender: Female

Location: the great wide somewhere

Birthday: 12/22

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Hi, call me Tree.
I'm a linguist. I teach English as a second language.
I lived in South Korea for 2 years. I want to go back.

I am in love with language, spoken and written.
I can speak English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, American Sign Language, Russian and Swahili. I can also do a bit of French, Spanish and Italian.

I've taken Russian, Mandarin and Swahili as intensive one-to-one classes with native speaking teachers. This means I speak better than I write. (but I can read and write Cyrillic just fine)

Japanese, Korean and Mandarin are my primary focus, so I've gotten rusty in everything else, sadly.

그리고, 한국이 아주 좋아습니다. 한국의음식이 최고예요.

I might should mention my other loves, books. Lol. I love reading, especially C.S. Lewis and anything fantasy. ^_^'
Anyway, that's about it. Oh, but I'll leave you with favourite quotes:

Notice how he(koolaid man) lures the CHILDREN to a REMOTE ISLAND and gives them REFRESHMENTS?

Warrior Bard
Fishing for strangers online is like asking random people on the street to bear your children.

That ain't no trip. That's a vocation.

human intelligence is the prelude to asshattery

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Ms Pixel Report | 08/11/2019 4:48 am
That's a lot of work even when your sister comes for a visit. She works and unable to take care of the kids or what?
So how was the party and is your mom feeling better?
I feel like you're already a mother. I wish I am capable to do those things as well but sadly I am just too lazy to do it. Plus too pampered. :c

Hmm. . . If you are still interested in any of Korean series, I would highly recommend " What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? ". Its a comedy-romance series. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Yeah its really unpleasant to live here in my perspective as I am not Muslim and this country is really strict on religion law so anyone who lives here are forced to follow the rules even though its unfair to non-Muslims. How long have you live in Korea and why did you move back to USA?
Ms Pixel Report | 08/02/2019 8:24 pm
Ohhh. I thought you were in your 20s.

You don't have siblings?

Oh, you watched the Taiwanese Peach Girl. I thought it was the Japanese live-action cause I watched the Japanese one. I just Googled KareKano. Its that anime! I wanted to watch it last time cause I saw the genre as romance. At the end, I didn't watch it cause of the art but now I am glad I didn't as you mention it doesn't have much romance. I am all in for romance genre! If you ever want recommendations and have time to watch, let me know! I can recommend some. Hopefully its to your taste.

That's what all foreigner says about Brunei but if you actually come here and get to know the country, you wouldn't like to stay here cause I know I wouldn't. I envy you that you travel around and get to live in Korea!
Ms Pixel Report | 08/01/2019 8:33 pm
May I know how old you are if its not too intruding? Wow, that's awesome. I never been to Korea before. How is it like?

Is your mother gonna be okay? Sounds like its gonna be a huge party.

I think I have watched live-action Peach Girl. Never heard of KareKano though. Ohhh. That old anime. I tried to watch it but couldn't get myself to continue episode 2. :c I think the art made me not like it.

I believe you are dedicated enough to learn everything. Not exactly? I am actually from Brunei and people who are Chinese here speaks pretty differently compare to other countries.
Ms Pixel Report | 07/31/2019 8:40 pm
Its alright. You do what you have to. Where do you currently live?

Yuh me too. I hope there is going to be more story like this one. Not sure if you watch anime but if you do, there isn't much romance anime out there that has good story plot. Majority are just cliche and harem.

The thing with my Chinese is that I don't read and write. My speaking is okay but accent and pronunciation is different from Taiwan and China. The characters super complicated for me.
Ms Pixel Report | 07/29/2019 7:13 am
Taiwanese movie

Never expected someone to be so into this show/movie. The first time I watched, it was from an anime. The story was one of the best as the ending is one of the ones that everyone wants but never happens.

I can't read Chinese characters even though I am a Chinese. I do speak Mandarin.

Ms Pixel Report | 07/26/2019 7:59 pm
I don't think I have any favorite Japanese movies. Favorite anime, sure.

I remember how my friend was asking me to watch Usagi Drop because it was so good. I watched it and yuh, he was right. Good anime.

I watched the Itazura na Kisu Japanese series and its still not good enough and I think the Taiwanese movie version is so much better.

I have watched My Sassy Girl as well but can't remember what it was about. I don't have the best memories and I watched too many movies and series.

Definitely! Goblin was my first Korean series and after watching that, I never expected to continue watching more Korean series. It was so good that I needed more. I used to hate watching any Korean series or movies due to language barrier. I hate that I always had to refer to the subtitles and that the language was alien to me. Goblin changed my mind on that.
Ms Pixel Report | 07/24/2019 7:34 pm
I usually watch Investigation, Romance, Mystery, Supernatural genres.

I guess the ones I watched are usually live-action from manga or anime. Its not as good as its really fast pace. Not sure if I watched any non anime or manga ones.

Korean movies aren't as good either but I really like The Werewolf Boy. Its really heartbreaking and one of the movie I actually like.
Ms Pixel Report | 07/23/2019 6:52 pm
I watched quite a lot of Korean series so I could understand a little bit of Korean.

Tried to watch Japanese movies but they are just bad so I could only go for anime. I know they aren't as accurate as the live-action one but I guess its something.
Ms Pixel Report | 07/23/2019 5:59 am
Hi. I found you on the life discussion thread and saw your profile.

I envy that you can speak a lot of languages. I always want to learn Japanese and Korean language but just couldn't really find motivation in starting. No idea why. :c
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY Report | 04/19/2019 11:20 am
Thank you for the well wishes!