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Registered: 01/29/2004

Gender: Female

Location: the great wide somewhere

Birthday: 12/22

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Burial is for the living
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Hi, call me Tree.
I'm a linguist. I teach English as a second language.
I lived in South Korea for 2 years. I want to go back.

I am in love with language, spoken and written.
I can speak English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, American Sign Language, Russian and Swahili. I can also do a bit of French, Spanish and Italian.

I've taken Russian, Mandarin and Swahili as intensive one-to-one classes with native speaking teachers. This means I speak better than I write. (but I can read and write Cyrillic just fine)

Japanese, Korean and Mandarin are my primary focus, so I've gotten rusty in everything else, sadly.

그리고, 한국이 아주 좋아습니다. 한국의음식이 최고예요.

I might should mention my other loves, books. Lol. I love reading, especially C.S. Lewis and anything fantasy. ^_^'
Anyway, that's about it. Oh, but I'll leave you with favourite quotes:

Notice how he(koolaid man) lures the CHILDREN to a REMOTE ISLAND and gives them REFRESHMENTS?

Warrior Bard
Fishing for strangers online is like asking random people on the street to bear your children.

That ain't no trip. That's a vocation.

human intelligence is the prelude to asshattery

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tHE ice pRinceSS laDY Report | 04/19/2019 11:20 am
Thank you for the well wishes!
MemoriesOfGreen Report | 04/08/2019 12:15 pm
Thank you so much for the gifts!!!!
Lilacia Report | 03/26/2019 6:35 pm
Yes, the blocking is tricky! I would always hear one of my Korean co-teachers say '맞아요' on the phone, and one day I wrote '마자요' on a sticky note to her and she laughed. lol But yes 'o' and 'eo' are definitely evil. I'm not allowed to say 'chopsticks' in Korean anymore because the one time I tried to ask that same co-teacher for some and I said '********' because I can't pronounce the first syllable of '젓가락' correctly. rofl sweatdrop

I don't know. Honestly, I don't know much Korean for the almost 2 years living in Korea. It's always excuses, excuses. I really want to try now since I pretty much have a 6 month vacation before I go back. I'm not sure if I should get bogged down with this correct spelling thing, or just push on for more vocabulary. confused
Lilacia Report | 03/26/2019 5:34 pm
Just all of it. lol I suppose my biggest frustration is this disconnect I have with listening and writing. I'll think I've learned certain words by overhearing them in passing conversation, but when it comes to me writing them down, they are wrong and I coincidentally realize that I have been pronouncing them wrong. So my hearing of '요라본' is actually '여러분', and '초기요' is actually '저기요'. And I become annoyed because I want to move past these words/phrases that I 'already know', but apparently don't because I can't write them correctly when I quiz myself. emotion_facepalm Also, I don't like studying. I just want to keep going, going, and going. But I retain nothing. sweatdrop
Lykinpuff Report | 12/27/2018 4:23 pm
Aw, I apologize. My condolences. v.v
How are you holding up?
Waffle King Richard Report | 12/26/2018 1:01 am
Happy belated birthday
Lykinpuff Report | 12/24/2018 8:29 pm
I have been well, got my undergrad, visiting family in Cali right now. Thank you.
How are you?
Lykinpuff Report | 12/23/2018 12:28 pm
Happy Birthday! :3c
Waffle King Richard Report | 12/16/2018 6:57 pm
Hey, no need to apologize. You're not being a downer at all. I know it was difficult for me when my dad passed away 2 years ago in October while I was in hospital.

Take your time, and know that you will always (even if I'm not on Gaia as often) have my complete support.
Waffle King Richard Report | 12/16/2018 6:51 pm
*Bows.* I am so very sorry for your loss. You all have my support. sad