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See? Now get lost! stare

Actually, No I'm just legit fed up with people on this site mostly because I'm blocked for no reason via " You are not allowed to view this profile " despite the fact I've never communicated with these people aside from only messaging them once about an item they have, viewed their profile, or blocked me for no reason however if anyone whose blocked me is reading this you can just suck a big fat one.

Second it's infuriating to go to a world only meet afk people who are on different communication platform despite the fact comments, PMs, & messaging in worlds are thing here but nope just idled players & nothing more despite a rarity which again is rare.

The only silver lining to this place is just the nostalgia I have back when I first joined & when the site was in it's prime, customizing my profile, making my dream avi's along with a few individuals whom actually bother to comment or just be friendly but other than that this site sucks.

Go ahead comment & give me crap for feeling this way but I don't care I'll just keep the comment up & won't bother replying as it'll just be another reminder.

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Massive Banhanagahoos Report | 07/02/2022 11:04 pm
Massive Banhanagahoos
It does! Thank you again biggrin
Massive Banhanagahoos Report | 07/01/2022 10:22 pm
Massive Banhanagahoos
Thank you so much! 4laugh
Massive Banhanagahoos Report | 06/30/2022 10:39 pm
Massive Banhanagahoos
Hi! I thought I recognized you! A trade for me? What do I owe this pleasure biggrin
winkletwinkle Report | 06/22/2022 6:10 am
starrbutterfly Report | 06/19/2022 2:47 pm
I agree with everything you said coz its true. I like smart people that are not afraid to think and share how they feel --that would be you. And nope, Im not a butt kisser simply an honest person that respects what you have to say. I wish you well coz your NOT afraid to tell the truth. Enjoy your summer too.
winkletwinkle Report | 06/18/2022 1:20 pm
fanaction Report | 04/23/2022 9:33 am
blaugh Like your "About" Strait forward and dismissive.
Squirrel00 Report | 03/31/2022 2:35 pm
That Random Fangirl Report | 03/25/2022 2:53 pm
That Random Fangirl
Awww you're making me blush!! redface 4laugh Thank youuuu, hehe, and you stay awesome and cool! heart
That Random Fangirl Report | 03/22/2022 12:01 pm
That Random Fangirl
Why thank you! I love yours too Spiderman~ ;D heart



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