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Hello! And welcome to my lovely store!

Thank for visiting hope you like what you see
wanna strike a bargain for cuddles?!?
Cuddles are great but Sorry I need my stuff to sell OwO
I need money Sorry

But thanks for visiting! Have a great day! ❤️


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Choke me like you hate me, but you love me
Lowkey wanna date me when you f#!@ me UwU

lyrics to song<3




I'm old enough
i say ******** me a lot
i cuss like a ******** sailor let the door hit you on the way out *waves*
i suck at spelling you wanna be a grammar naz.... go ahead I don't care correct me
not here for a relationship...

your going to send a random friend request? cute
you'll be turned down sorry not sorry heart
just because my avi dressed lewd doesn't mean i wanna ERP with you
there is more to a person then just sex if you want it I'm not the person
just because it has the bubble "yes master heart " no im not going to be yours bye bye

Oh your still here?
dunno why I'm a boring person so best you leave.
don't waste your time on me.


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The Pale Demon
Norion Winter

My Dork xD <3

fking love your avis like mwa! *kisses cheek*

mine *wraps around like a snake* cant have