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Hello! And welcome to my lovely store!

Thank for visiting hope you like what you see
wanna strike a bargain for cuddles?!?
Cuddles are great but Sorry I need my stuff to sell OwO
I need money Sorry

But thanks for visiting! Have a great day! ❤️


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Choke me like you hate me, but you love me
Lowkey wanna date me when you f#!@ me UwU

lyrics to song<3

Hey! I stream owo



NomadKayLea on 09/26/2022
Ericzombiex on 09/25/2022
Tempest Lorelay on 09/18/2022
Silver Freak on 09/11/2022
Giovanni Romano on 09/08/2022
Mithmel on 09/06/2022
Absent_Minded_Smile on 09/05/2022
Royal_Hybrid_Goddess on 09/05/2022
Softest Neko Boi on 09/05/2022
Robin Tips the Scales on 09/02/2022
Cartier Retro on 08/30/2022
Mama Sinpai on 08/28/2022
so squinty on 08/09/2022
ChocoChipSammie on 08/07/2022
Anyannah on 08/06/2022
TEAMRAINBLURv2 on 08/04/2022
Y-You Baka on 07/31/2022
`Chefinator on 07/30/2022
XxXAmyxX on 07/29/2022
Hohoemi_Eiri on 07/27/2022


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Norion Winter Report | 09/29/2022 11:41 am
Could be better.
but I'm okay so far.
How about you?
Norion Winter Report | 09/26/2022 9:44 am
Hello, little light.
How goes it? heart
Mama Sinpai Report | 08/28/2022 8:42 pm
i like yours too fam
n n e s s a a Report | 08/09/2022 8:28 pm
heart love ur avi xp
Sheepyxchan Report | 08/05/2022 9:48 am
Thank you☆!
Giovanni Romano Report | 08/03/2022 9:41 pm
Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.
Norion Winter Report | 08/03/2022 1:53 am
Norion Winter Report | 06/15/2022 10:35 am
Norion Winter Report | 06/05/2022 10:42 pm
Alright haha.
And sorry for my late replies..if you'd like we could always chat on here possibly or discord if you have discord
Norion Winter Report | 06/05/2022 5:10 pm
Wholesome things?
And you and me both lol
Have you gotten that eye checked out?


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