Welcome *bows*

Hello! And welcome to my lovely store!

Thank for visiting hope you like what you see
wanna strike a bargain for cuddles?!?
Cuddles are great but Sorry I need my stuff to sell OwO
I need money Sorry

But thanks for visiting! Have a great day! ❤️


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Choke me like you hate me, but you love me
Lowkey wanna date me when you f#!@ me UwU

lyrics to song<3

Hey! I stream owo



Omi Ankou on 02/18/2024
Miserables_Syn on 02/13/2024
Goldbeard Ceadeus on 02/09/2024
XxDrakon HeartxX on 02/02/2024
Andras Van Malice on 02/01/2024
OnlyLEO on 12/09/2023
Fluffy Floof on 12/06/2023
SoulBreaker40 on 11/28/2023
Supreme Spike IV on 11/19/2023
AndrewCrowe on 11/09/2023
-li Rex-kun il- on 10/30/2023
Mananderz on 10/22/2023
Ericzombiex on 10/16/2023
Sab4ngel on 10/13/2023
TDA_pat on 10/10/2023
lily702 on 10/07/2023
Captain Blade Uzumaki on 09/25/2023
ChocoChipSammie on 09/22/2023
xlegitsnipesx on 09/17/2023
Bear McBear Bear on 09/08/2023


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Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 09/25/2023 1:54 pm
Happy Birthday Tiger!
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 09/11/2023 3:25 pm
Hey Tiger.
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 06/09/2023 2:25 pm
Thanks Tiger. emotion_hug
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 05/09/2023 10:32 pm
Hey Tiger!
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 03/16/2023 8:40 pm
How ya been?
Captain Blade Uzumaki Report | 03/16/2023 1:52 pm
Hey Tiger.
Kaori Yuki Report | 03/11/2023 5:26 am
Thank you!! heart
Bunnisuu Report | 01/16/2023 5:36 am
Thank you so much whee
Norion Winter Report | 12/21/2022 11:46 am
Yes please xD

I don't know what software to use or how to even start >.<
Norion Winter Report | 12/20/2022 2:55 pm
Got a minor headache.
But so far so good!
Trying to figure out how to start streaming. So far no luck x_x

how about you?


Norion Winter
Omi Ankou
Captain Blade Uzumaki