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Location: Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Birthday: 10/23

Occupation: Indie Game Designer/Developer


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Kik: LSolrac2
Discord: Solrac#0616

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Welcome to my Gaia Online Profile ma'h boi.

Name's Carlos E. Orama, nicknamed Solrac and my Developer/Artist name follows as SolAZDev. Eagle Scout (Troop 432), Venturing Crew Secretary (Crew 729). Born October 23rd o' 1995. Age 20 at the time of this update.

College Graduate, from Atlantic University College. Obtained a BA Degree in the Science and Art of Video Game Design. Took a bit of programming in-school but went ahead and did some more on my own.

My Trade includes but isn't limited to
* 3D Modeling
* Set Design
* Keyframe Animation
* Environment Art
* Game Programming (C# Unity, Raw C++)
* Linux Operating System
* Web Design and Programming

Check my DevBlog for more.

Hobbies are few too many. In short;
* Gaming
* Music (Theory, Otamatone, Editing)
* Drawing
* Writing
* Role-playing

Feel free to contact me for more!

Links of my works!


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Solrac's Poetry and Story Notes

A Journal where I post both, Poems, Translations, Scenes/Parts of My Story and Noticeable notes of my story.


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iShyNeko Report | 10/17/2018 10:03 pm
que se ve mejor que un combo de 4pack de Wendy's :'v
iShyNeko Report | 10/17/2018 5:26 pm
Awe shet mate :'vvv clase oferton crj
iShyNeko Report | 10/17/2018 5:19 pm
gasp Damn right I did emotion_omnomnom
Lenkachuu Report | 10/13/2018 10:06 pm
Hello ~
Usuniki Report | 10/09/2018 9:29 pm
gaia_star Omg really?? it was me rofl I didn't even know I assumed you knew about it but I don't remember that oh wow gaia_star

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Usuniki Report | 10/09/2018 8:57 pm
gaia_star When did you made your account? Mine was on Oct. 18. 2008 gaia_star

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Usuniki Report | 10/09/2018 12:54 pm
yum_strawberry I also found this one as well yum_strawberry

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Usuniki Report | 10/09/2018 12:13 pm
yum_strawberry I come here on really rare occasions because I didn't have my own laptop and I had always seen you! But now I'm gonna be here more often now! yum_strawberry

User Image
Usuniki Report | 10/09/2018 11:57 am
yum_strawberry Miracle that you still in Gaia, funny thing is everytime I come to gaia, I always see you online yum_strawberry
Madaline Knight Report | 07/22/2018 9:33 pm
Madaline Knight
You could talk to me !!


Indie Game Dev - Portfolio (WIP)


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