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Do NOT send me a friends request without sending me a pm first. If we do not chat first, or at all, I have no reason to keep you around.

Seriously Y'all...I wont be accepting requests without being talked to first.

My time here is limited and often at the expense of other activities I have going on at the same time. So, if I seem distant, uninterested, slow to respond, or don't respond in a fashion that's 'timely' to you, and you don't like it, the doors over there, nobody is making you stay.

I do NOT take 'slaves' or similar titles, don't seek it from me or you will be disappointed.


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GalOfSophy Report | 11/28/2020 10:09 am
My favorite is fish. Especially salmon.
GalOfSophy Report | 11/28/2020 10:01 am
Personally, I like turkey quite a bit. I sadly don't get much of an opportunity to get any, however.
GalOfSophy Report | 11/28/2020 9:45 am
Well, I don't celebrate itsince I'm not from the US, but I do appreciate those that do since it does look fun.
By the way, ready to pick up where we left off? heart
GalOfSophy Report | 11/28/2020 9:32 am
Hope you had a great thanksgiving. heart
Jojotherealiest Report | 11/10/2020 12:18 pm
Heyyyyy , How are you ? heart
GalOfSophy Report | 09/12/2020 12:11 am
Let's enjoy this saturday together. heart
Nova Kizes Report | 09/03/2020 7:20 am
Nova Kizes
Enjoy your day
GalOfSophy Report | 08/11/2020 10:27 am
Just waiting for some fun, that's all.
GalOfSophy Report | 08/09/2020 4:42 am
Doing well, darling? heart
Blake Byron Report | 08/06/2020 5:03 pm
Blake Byron