I came here to meet you, I was born to protect you.
From the moment I had met you, I began to feel complete.
I am here to love you, to hold you endlessly.
Between the lies and truth that lie in this world, only love remains.
I can never forget the day you saved me from my despair and sorrow.
I can never forget your tenderness, your kindess and who you are.
As days go in, and out, I was lost between zero and infinity.
But now I am the Zero, and you are the Infinite.
The strength you need to sever the strings that held you back,
that could've played you as a puppet, was always asleep within you.
Distant memories engraved in my heart, healed by your kindness,
in a world where love and betrayal rest within the same place,
But your love still remians.
To believe, and not be afraid, looking towards the future,
I am with you, and I'll make you regain that warm smile again.
My heart trembles from a dream for us both, and I can see
the same feeling, looking deep into those eyes.
The courage to throw away the differences and repair
whatever might've been broken, so that our hearts never falter.

Now, and for eternity.