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(Gaia Forum Me)

About Me!

Name: Christina M.
Lv: 28
Sex: Demi-Sexual
Height: 5'5ft
Weight: 140lbs
Gender: Female
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Long Ash Medium Brown
Skin: Pale with freckles
Briggs: INTJ
House: Ravenclaw
Learning Styles: 1). Spatial 2). Intrapersonal

Occupation: Artist
Religion: Catholic
Location: Canada
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Birth Place: Toronto
Parents: Diseased

Family Lifestyle: Resourceful
Married: Don
Daughter: Emma
Childhood: Orphan/Adopted
Talent: Vivid/Lucid Dreams
Mannerism:Tendency to avoid eye contact
Flaw: Dyslexic
Secret: Excoriation
Trinket: Skeleton Key
Values: Integrity, Work Smarter than Harder, Personal Development, Beauty and Being True.

Sister: Karena
Bio: Half Related
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Occupation: Vounlenteer and retired.
Status:Alive and well.
Relationship: Friendly
Birth Order: Oldest

Brother: Johnny
Bio: Half Related
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Occupation: Jeweler and Sound Tech.
Status:Alive and well.
Relationship: Friendly
Birth Order: Middle

Brother: Micheal
Bio: Half Related
Gender: Male
Alignment: ????
Occupation: ????
Status: Alive
Relationship: Unknown
Birth Order: Older

Brother: Jessie
Bio: Half Related
Gender: Male
Alignment: ????
Occupation: ????
Status: ????
Relationship: Unknown
Birth Order: Youngest


Binging with Babish, Game Grumps, Liziqi, Hammpy Hamster, John Oliver, GDQ, TownSends, Audra Auclair, Beauty of the Bass, Domics & Jenna Marbles

Food/ Drinks:
Crab, Mussels, Tea, Caesars, Artisan Foods & Salads.

Artist's Corner:

My Mediums:

Canvas Pine Panel.

2D: Oil, Gouage, Acrylic, & Watercolour; Sometimes Ink. Quilting. Collage. Photography.

3D: Textiles, Wet & Dry Wool Sculp. Fursuit Making.

My Social Media:



Deviant Art


Twitch! I stream +9pm EST Monday- Sat.
Watch me stream Videogames!

TEXT Based Role-play
I DO roleplay! Please be Semi-lit to Dm Me!
I'll roleplay with just about anyone. LGBTQ2+ Friendly.
Rating: Strict PG 13. I don't have time for my account to get banned.
Preferences; High society, Mansions, Gardens and Forests, Sometimes beaches, Royalty, High and Medium Fantasy.
Strengths: world creation, descriptive and detailed paragraphs
Weaknesses: Coming up with plots and backgrounds.
Something to Consider: Dyslexia (Spelling mistakes. Be more Germanic in writing, I have a hard time reading in between the lines.)

Furry Fandom
I'm an experienced Fursuiter!
Fur Affinity

My Fursonas!
Alaricorn / Hippocampi / Merfolk / Centaur
Species: Sea Horse ShapeShifter
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Hair: Light Blue
Eyes: Violet
Skin: Sky Blue
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sex: Demi-Sexual
Personality: Athletic, Calm, Cheerful, Competitive, Strong Willed and Stubborn
Characteristics: Self- Control, Dominant, Confident, and Impatient
Values: Sincerity, Charisma and Bold Humour
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User Image
User Image

Species: Bat
Life Source: Fruit, Emotion, Blood
Abilities: Excellent strength, speed, senses, endurance, agility and to turn other beings into vampires
Appearance: Victorian Gothic
Height: 6'0ft
Weight: 167 lbs
Hair: Short and Light Grey
Eyes: Amber
Skin: Pale Light Lilac
Age: 850yrs Old
Gender: Female
Sex: Borderline Succubus or Temptress
Behavior: Rarely Predatory, Calm
Personality: Reserved, Smart, Witty, Cunning, Responsible.
Characteristics: Dark, Proper, Gentle, Cooperative, Thoughtful
Mannerisms: Sucks on her fangs
Trinket: Ornate Mask
User Image
User Image

Dragon Born & Feral
Species: Chromatic Shifting Elemental Dragon
Appearance: Cottage Core Witch
Height: 7.2ft
Weight: 450 Lbs
Hair: Pink Long
Eyes: Peacock Blue
Skin: Mix of Light Coral/Peach
Age: +3000 Yrs
Egg: Deep Green and Metallic Brownish Copper Speckles & Premature
Gender: True Hermaphrodite
Sex: Unknown
Personality: Social, Lazy, Impulsive, Playful, Petty and Messy
Characteristics : Considerate, Loyal, Brave and Compassionate
Mannerisms: Constantly Roaming
User Image

Ghost Weasel
Species: Spirit
Appearance: Vapour Wave
Height: 3'4
Weight: 67lbs
Hair: Crisp White and Black
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Pink and Black
Age: Virtual
Gender: Genderless Queer
Sex: Aromantic
Personality: Quick, Clever, Daring, Ruthless, Powerful, Spunky
Characteristics : Popular, Imaginative, Creative, Mischievous, Busy, and Light Hearted
Mannerisms: Alert
User Image

Toxic Demon Snake
User Image
User Image


My Art Shop!~

My Marketplace Store!~


Gaian Since 2005
Welcome to my Gaiaonline Item Store! ALL Prices in Platinum.

Please visit: The Outfits Store!

The Do

I Do collect Any Paw Items * Flair Items

I Do sell The following Game Items: Inks, Stars, Hearts, Diamond and Tokens

I Do usually sell by bulk theme like a colour or a type theme. (Red items at once for 14 days.)

I Donate any time which has 13+ item already on the market place. There isn't any reason why to keep it if its already flooded and probably not in demand.

I usually add a 0 to any item which is not currently on the market since its high in demand. Let me know if you'd like it at market price. I'll sell it to you for that market price.

I Do accept trades but only if they are worth equivalent value.


I I DO NOT use Gaia Cash.

I DO NOT do Bids.

Items I DO NOT Sell: Specials, Any Housing, Any Formulas, Any zOMG!, Any Aqua, Any Astra or Any Kindered.

Kind Regards,


PM Me if you request to trade items or have any questions!


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you know what is crazy my stuff keep selling like crazy at the market place
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Thank you
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Ty for adding smile


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