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Shikka Kuragari Report | 03/06/2023 1:18 pm
Shikka Kuragari
Sure! mrgreen
dog_ride_me Report | 03/04/2023 1:39 pm
Beauty like you need not ask permission wink take what’s yours.
Lood Goblin Report | 03/04/2023 12:01 pm
Lood Goblin
UnknownRhapsody Report | 03/03/2023 3:34 am
Hehe~ well I'll be home soon ish soooo~
UnknownRhapsody Report | 03/02/2023 10:14 pm
^^; am stuck at work unable to reply proper hun ; ;
lucy wolf puppy Report | 03/02/2023 4:10 pm
lucy wolf puppy
DesperateFuta Report | 03/02/2023 1:40 am
Please do heart
Rosso Mohan Report | 03/01/2023 5:09 pm
Rosso Mohan
How cordial of you to ask on Gaia lol
Ghostly Oni Report | 03/01/2023 2:49 pm
Ghostly Oni
Permission granted
Kasumi Saito Report | 03/01/2023 2:45 pm
Kasumi Saito
Hey, your avi looks amazing. feel free and DM me.


Hi everyone ^_^

I'm Hannah.
I was on this site a long time ago back in like 2008, but I forgot all my log in information, so I decided to make a new profile and start over biggrin
I work a lot and try to balance my down time with the gym and my writing. I love to write, since it lets my creativity flow..
Any other down time I have Ill spend here making friends and even more with the right person.
I'm bi, so I like girls (I really have a thing for trans girls...), but I really only like fem boys and traps...so really I'm just Les that likes feminine boys xD
Message me if you want to know more about me, or want to collaborate a story or roleplay smile
Love yall smile

Kik me if you want! wink


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