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Name:- Michael
Location:- Cornwall, United Kingdom
Music:- Trance, House, Chillout, Progressive, Deep, Dark, Dub, Minimal, Techno, Breaks, Garage, DnB, Liquid DnB, Ambient, Atmospheric, Downtempo, Retro/Synth, Melodic, Video game OST, Cinematic, Orchestral, Classic, Old school, Underground sounds etc.
Hobbies/Interests:- Music Producing, Photography, The Universe, Nature, Gaming, Anime, Creativity etc.

To go into a little more detail I would describe myself as someone who is open minded and rather adventurous. I love making new friends and doing my best to be supportive of those in need. I can also be pretty weird and random and see it as means of having fun a lot of the time, whether it be making puns or something else of a humorous nature.

I have got quite a passion for music and in my spare time I even like to do a bit of music producing myself. My roots started out with mostly Trance & House music as early as the late 90s as a child so I have had quite a history with what I enjoy. These days a lot of what I listen to has since become more underground and buried beneath most of today's more commercialized music but I still maintain my journey through the deep and the classics will always be remembered as a starting point.

I enjoy photography and taking pictures of landscape scenery and nature as I have an interest in meteorology. I also enjoy gaming, particularly games developed by indie studios. Some of my favorite types of games often include RPG elements and playing styles such as management, strategy, base building, defense, survival, platforming and adventure etc. I also like watching Anime, pretty much any genre.

You can always message me or add me for more info, who knows we may even become good friends one day. I am not online so much these days but still check in on things whenever.

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-Divine- Report | 03/21/2019 10:45 am
The art looks nice on your profile. heart
Sir Alonne Report | 03/15/2019 3:31 am
Sir Alonne
hey man. been a long time since ive been on not sure if you're still active but i hope all is going well hope you're doing good and living your best life my man.
Nekkid Avatar Report | 03/14/2019 3:15 pm
Nekkid Avatar
Of course ! I'll DM you mine. heart
Nekkid Avatar Report | 03/14/2019 3:13 pm
Nekkid Avatar
-shrug- it's all good..
Thanks for talking to me about it. 3nodding
Nekkid Avatar Report | 03/14/2019 3:04 pm
Nekkid Avatar
I don't like shady, fake-like people. And I tend to call people out on their BS.
Then they dug so deep into my personal life they started flailing it out in public on HERE and yeah.
Couple of them got banned but the main one who started it all got away with it, which made no sense to me. scream
Nekkid Avatar Report | 03/14/2019 2:54 pm
Nekkid Avatar
I mean...
People have been harassing me for the past couple days so. sweatdrop
Nekkid Avatar Report | 03/14/2019 2:34 pm
Nekkid Avatar
I could be doing better ngl.
I'm an idiot... That's all there is to it. sweatdrop
Nekkid Avatar Report | 03/14/2019 2:17 pm
Nekkid Avatar
heart heart heart heart heart heart
Love youuuuuu 3nodding
Nekkid Avatar Report | 03/13/2019 12:40 am
Nekkid Avatar
I adore you. heart
-Divine- Report | 02/27/2019 12:10 pm
I found someone who can draw chibi art for us but it will be rlc. 3nodding