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^^ that's me now

A number of years ago a baby girl was born and came out into the world thinking "hell...it's cold. I wanna go back in!". This girl grew up going throgh trials any kids would - burning her arm from a hot water bottle on her cot she was told not to touch, jumping from a table and breaking her arm when she was 3 and pretending to be supertoddler, talking back to mean grade 6 kids in her school van who threatened they would kidnap her baby sister and poison her dog in first grade, went to Queensland and had a fabulous time for a year when she was seven, struggled with learning her mother tongue again which she had forgotten while learning to speak English at eight, became a reading whore at nine, cried cos her hair had been cut like a boy's at ten, won swimming medals when eleven, had her first kiss at twelve, cut 6 months off school and went to tour USA with family at 13, ran away from home for the first time when she was fourteen, had a disturbing experience at fifteen which still gives her nightmares, set the school grass on fire at sixteen and got her first suspension, fell in lust at seventeen, got her license to drive at eighteen etc.

My music taste ranges from MCR to Dead Kennedys to Muse to HIM to Coheed and Cambria to Nirvana to Weezer to The Presets to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! I love punk/emo/love metal and alternative/progressive rock.
I don't mind some indie or electro esp. of the Swedish variety e.g. The Knife but I can't stand hip-hop.

A Clockwork Orange and The Shawshank Redemption and Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect and Shallow Grave are the best movies ever

I like photography. The strange and the quirky fascinate me. I <3 conspiracy theories and emo boys with pretty hair that pash each other. I am into Salvador Dali's art. I believe in horoscopes and by them i don't mean those crap you see in newspapers and also in existentialism so there's no irony there. I do not conform to society's expectations as much as I can and I intend to keep it that way.

If you made it this far, I congratulate you.
You are either mentally deficient or have a rewarding attention span.


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Total Value: 120,153 Gold
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Item List:
#000000 Complex Shoes
Tama's Basket Bought
Masterpieces Bought
Vampire Hunter Hat
Elegant Snowy Leggings Donated
Young Mrs. Claus' GarterDonated
That 70s White JacketDonated
Loving Heart Mood Bubble Donated
Green Corallus Egg Bought
Maids Dress
Island Girl Wig Bought

Dream Avi Items:

Thanks Seven-Eye , BlueSugarDragon & Seph X Nightsky heart

Wishlist Items:

Timepiece - thanks Spiral Maya heart heart
Santa Baby Cap - thanks Princess Crucio heart
Decorative Daisy - thanks Seven-Eye heart
Immaculate Bishop - thanks Alexzyuy heart
Long Stem Black Rose - thanks Hippie Angel heart
Coal White Tavern Wench Skirt - thanks Dizzyk heart
Claus Flared Skirt - thanks "moonhime" heart
Blue Candy Stripe Stockings - thanks Akira Shimizu heart
Lovebird Plush - thanks icandyman heart
5000g - thanks JxWxOxO heart
Grace of Aphrodite - thanks Nekochanskiss heart heart
Green Teatime Waitress Dress - thanks Rumors heart
1427g, Fishing Rod and F Bait - thanks Harmony6669 heart
Green Uchiwa Fan - thanks XxSasuke Ninja KittyXx heart
555g - thanks x P o r c e l a i n x heart
That 70s White Jacket - thanks Seph X Nightsky heart
3000g Toe Sox - Thanks Rainbow Batttery Acid heart
Konfuzed Rainbow Toe Sox g - thanks Emerald Collector heart
GO Player - thanks Sandi2 heart
5000g - thanks My Body is Infested heart
Devoted pawn, 1000g - thanks Elzabelle heart
Pink Sweetheart Teddy - thanks Dani_darko heart
Berry Coal-Gathered Wench Skirt - thanks WolfShaman heart
2k7 socks and shoes, pumpkin earrings - thanks Distracted Bunny heart
6000g - thanks forbesy heart
200g - thanks Spidargate
Light Violet Scarf - thanks Chocolate Bondage Orgasms heart
Red Forbidden Skirt - thanks Laquia heart
9000g - thanks Dragon_Luver_67 heart heart
White Umbrella - thanks ichbindada heart
Teal Flow Prom Dress- thanks Legos on the Floor heart
6000g - thanks Hunter Midna heart
200g - thanks MahaI Kita heart
White Drome Egg - Anonymous Benefactor heart heart
Felicia's Wise Gown - thanks Inescapably KiWi heart
Helm of the Vikings - thanks sinful k!tten heart


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A Prayer For the Wild at Heart Kept in Cages

This deals with random events in my life and some ramblings of mine wheneva I express opinions on things so people please comment. It has my poetry, story drafts and well... see for yourself!



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