Hi, I'm a Global moderator.

I deal with handling Abuse and Harassment situations across the site.

Please do not leave moderating related comments on my profile!
PM me instead!

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I'm a 27 year old zombie.
I'll probably like you.

Currently a uni student, hoping to become a physio/physical therapist.
I'd like to specialise in neurorehabilitation, but it's early days.

I've been on Gaia since mid 2006.
I became site mod in late 2012 and a global mod in mid-late 2016.

I like video games, making pixel art and listening to 80's/90's/00's music.
If you like Dragon Age/Persona/The Sims, you're awesome.

Animal Crossing pixels made by me.
Seulement Hibou
Smol Kein