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xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 07/29/2019 9:55 am
He passed away a few days ago but they don’t live long and prolly became an adult in early spring so he lived quite a few months i assume.
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 07/17/2019 10:05 am
I’m doing much better now, I started taking antidepressants and also found myself a new pet, or at least in charge of this little critter.. I saved a large beetle from foot traffic in my city at the bus center but found out it’s a destructive pest in larva stage so I can’t release it to breed since we have a lot of farmland here and my dream is to have a farm. So I’m keeping it until it dies of old age since it lives for a few months at most. It’s a male ten-striped june beetle that I named Oberon. If you have discord I can show you pics! Pm me if so or some other social media.
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 05/28/2019 9:21 pm
i've not been so well tbh, my manager at work even suggested I go on a mental health break for the week so i'm on it now.
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 02/15/2019 8:10 pm
Hey, still waiting on reply from pm sweatdrop
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 01/12/2019 6:22 pm
I'm so sad, life got so much worse for me.
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 01/10/2019 9:13 am
I’ve not been well but it’s a long story, pm me ok?

How old are you that’s got you feeling so grown up now?
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 01/07/2019 11:08 am
Hey long time no talk how are ya?
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 03/05/2018 7:27 am
Happy burfdai!
URSANIC Report | 11/01/2015 7:12 pm
hi son
URSANIC Report | 07/15/2015 6:58 pm
how goes life


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