About Ririchiyo/Me

Hai thar those who view my profile~♪

If you want to know more about feel free to pm cuse I really don't fee like editing this crap.

I have many likes most of them are centered around game,anime,cartoons, hentai,and yaoi.

I also like to rp. Haven't done it awhile but feel free to message me if you want.(Though I must warn you I really don't do more than 2-3 paragraphs.Also I REALLY like NSFW rp's cuz I'm a SUPER PERV 4laugh )

Dislikes hackers,buttholes,trolls, any body whose mean to another person and whole bunch of other crap.

If you want avi art don't be afraid to message me! heart

Though I would need help pricing things out!XD

Okay I done :/