Ballad of the FoxToasty

Greetings, I don't really have a proper name to go by online so just call me Fox or Toast, it's what I've been called all these years so why change it now?

Foxes and deer are symbolic to my personality, I'm really easily made nervous and keep to myself. I try to be kind and respectful but I also am trying to stand up for myself more despite my introverted and paranoid personality. Sorry if I come off as blunt, I am learning to balance kindness with self respect.

My hobbies are sketching, whittling, cooking, and I'm an avid gardener with an interest in heirloom fruit n veggie varieties and medicinal plants. I also like gourmet foods such as elder flower or rose soda, wild boar chops, and BBQ peaches to name a few.

I don't mind if you think I'm a guy or a girl, sometimes I'll say but it's really no big deal to me.

Please don’t bother me by trying to get with me, I am not open to relationships of the sort with strangers.

Don't just lurk, write me a message!

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lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 03/11/2023 7:08 pm
It's all good. Gaia is pretty much dead to me, theres only 2 people I talk to. I just check once and awhile to see if anyone send messages.
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/20/2023 1:10 am
I alway thought be cool to own a big tank with Coelacanths. One of my favorites. But I feel bad if it died on me.
Only exotic animals I owned was a corn snake, pacman frog, and a box turtle. I really wasn't suited mentally to take care of them. I'm sure when I die they probably beat me up in the after life.
Shame on my parents aswell. crying
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/12/2023 9:27 pm
It's ok no rush son.

I honestly always wanted an aquarium, but a big one in the living room. Always thought it be cool but I know nothing on taking care of fish and I know there alot of work.
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/10/2023 5:41 pm
Haha ok, I was like oh nooo.. crying
I don't really have much of anything so if I die people will just call dibs on stuff. What's left of my small position's. And my dog I'm sure my step mom amd dad will take care of her.
I get sad thinking of the day I out live my doggers.
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/10/2023 2:03 am
And I just realized you said if you passed away as if your not going to live that long. eek
Hopefully your joking. Your still young and healthy right?
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/09/2023 9:56 pm
I have friends and family members who also get scared being on the phone or even socializing. Heck even I do it sometimes. I honestly feel sad or disappointed in myself. Like as of right now I'm scared to call a place to take a look at my car damages. Mostly scared that they will ask for loads of cash just for doing important tthings.
anyways I feel ya.
That sucks though, you can't be scared to order pizza that's my favorite meal of ever hour. Haha
Atlest you have plans for the fishys.
You probably got alot on your plate all the time.
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/09/2023 1:26 pm
I alway pictured little people driving bugs this whole time for some reason. Haha. Advanced vehicles of some kind, and I wouldn't mind to hear some poems.
Geesh I never thought you would let yourself go. I mean I know how crappy depression can be. Sadly I'm still trying to kick myself out of fear of letting myself down again. I have an opportunity to get a really good job but sadly I freeze up when I do anything on the computer. -hugs- staying strong is a challenge.
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/08/2023 11:28 pm
That's true, you're always thirsting for strange knowledge here and there.
Honestly I always found yourself interesting. I wonder what small world lifeforms you'll see. Imagine finding little people driving bugs this whole time.
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/04/2023 8:46 pm
Haha. Well atlest you're pretty intelligent person. I had to look up the word "plebeian".
Maybe you can microscope the brain cells I got left.
Check to see if there ok.
So what's the microscope for anyways?
You always have new tools and different activities.
lI-Behemoth-Il Report | 01/02/2023 2:10 pm
Haha oh no... that terrible to sound like that already. So you are telling me those forest snapping sounds have been coming from you this whole time? rofl
I'll brag and say my body is pretty healthy for it's age *cough 33 cough *
I'm just a tad chubby and a tad athletic. *eats chips*