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    Cera | 24
    Discord: ursanic#5041
    I like bears

    Tumblr: ursanic | ursas-arts | colortothecolorless

    I'm usually found playing Dragon Nest NA
    Check out my guild and maybe join

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    !!!ErrOr!!! Hacked by Mary!
    Okay, I love Cera to itty bitty bits.~ She's such a little sweetheart and just oh Grima.
    She is also my lovely doter dragon loli. -Manakete cries-
    Her Cosplays are perfect too. Omg I really can't say a lot because I could be writing a book.
    Honestly she's just so random and cute and GUFHSKLSDJLH I CANNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR CERA.
    Don't stop bear