About Me

Name: Abbey, or Zetsu
Age: 30
Relationship Status: Married
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eye: Blue
Height: 5-something
Weight: 150 pounds
Sexuality: I like the D and V
Dress: Gothic Hippie
Occupation: Full Time Mother
Fav. Color: Black
Fav. Food: Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich
Fav. Drink: Pepsi!
Fav. Music: I like everything except country and rap (and a little of those too)
Fav. Book: Al Hazred
Movie: V for Vendetta
T.V.: Adult Swim
Pet: Scrapper (He's a cat)
Pass-Time: Video Games, D&D (rarely nowadays), Smoking the Marijuana's and Music
Likes: Friendly people, foggy nights, rainy days, skittles, graveyards, sleeping.
Dislikes: Noise of any kind before 2pm, when my stuff gets stolen, religious nuts, daytime t.v, not having caffeine, not having weed.

I grew up insanely poor (like no power for a year, piss poor), and the redneckery of my parents caused quite a bit of mental scarring so I was WEIRD when I was young. I was too into macabre things and the other elementery students (quite rationally) thought I was strange at best and a freak at worst but I am who I am because of the experiences I went through so I wouldn't change it if I could.

Middle school was weird, I cant remember too much of it because we ditched and smoked weed and drank alcohol (don't you dare repeat that mistake) so the whole period of time is kind of hazy. I do remember being err, shall we say "intimate" with my best friends MOTHER but thats only because she was legit molesting me (I felt like I was into it at the time but I always felt strange and hollow after our encounters, I never told my parents because I felt like I wanted it... Now I know it was wrong but that's a personal battle I have to face alone!

High school, oh man I should probably skip this one because I was a debauched kid, sex, drugs, ditching school, vandalism, even MORE drugs and booze, and at one point super bank fraud when my friends grandpa kicked the bucket (statute of limitations, suck it lol). I even stole an Olympic Mile Plaque from this park in Utah (the winter games so who cares, HA). That being said it was a freaking blast back in the day, but I regret the hell out of most of it... So many, many mistakes.

Later on I was about to turn 21 and my mother died 3 days before my birthday. She had passed of a drug overdose, intentional or not I don't know, but it was her prescriptions. We had to go to a viewing of her corpse on my birthday so I kind of can't celebrate it anymore, I also stopped drinking and stopped all drugs but marijuana (I have Fibromyalgia so it's a legitimate pain killer, don't you judge me) I got a GED to make up for my failure in High School, and after suffering through the most abusive relationship I've ever been in (story for another time though) I managed to find the love of my life, Morgan to whom I am now married and we have a lovely child together, and her name is Salem Zoey [Last name REDACTED]

Life is hard with a child and a debilitating physical condition (again, Fibromyalgia) but I am happier now than I ever thought possible, and I wouldn't trade it for all the [insert thing here] in the [insert sizeable location here]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admiral Zetsu

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Birthday: 11/14

Yes, this IS me.

Here I am in all my sexyness.

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This is the most current GOOD looking pic of me I can find, taken a few months ago.

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