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Cold Hard Facts of Life

1. The world is a horrible and cruel place, not some wonderland of peace and harmony. This is a place where there is war, strife, and darker things. Sickness and other twisted things pollute and plunder the world of what makes it pleasant to live in. However, for all the toxic chemicals, weapons of war, bio terrorism, and other ungodly things that are here in our world, by far the most deadly and destructive thing has and always will be mankind itself.

2. Power, no matter the amount, corrupts in many different degrees and stages. However it is up to you and you alone to determine how far you will fall into the jaws of that corruption.

3. You are not some awe inspiring, different, unique, and otherwise awesome snow flake that is some how unlike the rest of the world around you. You are not some bright and shinning light that outshines the ever growing darkness around you. No, you're the same dark, dank, twisted, and decaying matter as everyone else around you. Get over it.

Facts About Me

1. I love anything and everything that has to do with music, and the arts. I'm a dream unlike any other, for with my mystery over the spoken and written word I reshape the world about you, and make you see what I wish for you to see.

2. Logic, is the base of all things. If you can not prove or disprove something I come up with then you are by far not my equal, so give up now.

3. I'm by far a paradox, thus you can not win ever, nor can I ever lose. Even when I lose, you will find that I still won.

4. Too all my haters and all the other hatters out there in the whole world, I have but one thing yet to say to you all. You make me laugh, yes you all make me laugh. You hid behind the internet and flame, troll, or otherwise put down those you deem less then you. So this is what I have say to all of that. Take a good look in the mirror, because ignorance is unbecoming. All you little pricks who think that just because you were wrong some how in life have no right to take it out on any one else in the world. What gives me the right to say this when I am by far one of the biggest asses in the whole world? Simple, I have a life and don't hid behind the net to push all of my problems off on everyone else. If you had half an iota of a brain-cell in that thick but empty head of yours then you might have understood that. So let me break this down for you, and make it simple at that. Hate me. Simple see? Why? Again simple, but here goes. When you hate me, you think of me. I remain in your mind messing up your day and your life without having to life a finger. Because you hate me, means I will never be forgotten and thus with your unwitting help, I have become immortal. So thank you to all the hatters out there, keep hatting me.

5. I'm loyal to a tee, and what that means is simple enough to understand. You can hate on me, hate me in general, talk bad about me, pick a fight with me, spread rumors and the likes about me all you want. However, if you so much as think about harming a friend of mine in any way, I'll crush your sorry skull in and save the world from having to deal with your dumb ass. Do we understand one another now?

6. I can't stand two faced people. Nor can I stand those that lie, cheaters, or others who think it's ok to twist their words or actions. Those who control others for whatever unjust reasons they can come up with, should be put in their place.

7. That which does not kill me, makes me stronger. However that which does kill me, is coming with me, that you can bet on.

8. I don't have a heart so don't come to me asking me for favors, donations, donations to your charity, to join your guild, to join your role play, anything else along those lines.

9. Flattery, will only get you so far with me.

10. I adore free avi art, the current one I have or dream avi art, either way it's awesome. Like I said I love art and music.

11. I love donations of anything, be they art, gold, items, junk, tickets, ect. You get the idea I am sure. To those of who you do give me something, I'll place you on my little list of people never to forget, and maybe one day I shall return the gesture.

12. I am perfection in it's most toxic form. Don't think that's true? Well you just proved me right, because it's not your view we are going by, but my own. So step off you lame asses and move on.

13. I'm Gaia's original Pride, though I am not it's joy. I'm just it's original sin, one of seven. Any one else who doesn't fall up under me or in line with me, you're a fake and I would suggest you and your ilk, find someone else to copy off of because as I already stated, flattery will only get you so far with me before I am forced to crush you.

14. I think it should be mandatory for all able bodied persons once they have reached the age of 18 to work one year in retail. Why? Simple, because it builds character and respect for the jobs of others.

15. I'm Male, that much should have been a dead give away by now.

16. My age is far older then you might think.

17. To all my Hatters out there, make me more hats damn you! I must have more hats!

Random Things I Say (A Lot)

~ You get an F for the simple fact there were no cookies in your post.

~ Awe it's pink, frilly, adorable and cute...kill it.

~ Do you think me like all the other normal villains out there in the worlds? Do you honestly think I am going to waste my time telling you my great and wondrous plan for taking over the world while you slowly try and get out of the bonds I have you trapped in? You dullard, I already tripped the Dooms-Day- Device the second I learned of your resistance. You have exactly time left to save the world. You have failed, now someone kill them and get their corpses out of my sight, and mind the rug! I want no blood on that!

~ Well...that's odd.

~ Reading is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. I LOVE READING!


I am Pride.

Attract what you expect.
Reflect what you desire.
Become what you respect.
Mirror what you admire.


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Midnight Shadow Damien Report | 05/04/2017 4:19 pm
Midnight Shadow Damien
May the fourth be with you, though don't forget about tomorrow, dude. Revenge of the Fifth!
Aurianeh Report | 04/03/2017 10:26 am
Kiro_Shinigami Report | 07/15/2015 3:07 pm
I LOVE your new look!
l3easty Report | 04/25/2015 6:54 pm

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When you scream it sounds like a lullaby
When you beg I get all gooey inside...~♥

L l X l E Report | 04/21/2015 7:29 am
L l X l E
Vanna1994 Report | 04/02/2015 6:43 pm
Super awesome avi!!
Midnight Shadow Damien Report | 02/13/2015 11:52 pm
Midnight Shadow Damien
I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but I just figured to let you know I'm still around, whether it be a few comments on Skype every now an then, or a comment left on your profile. Either way, I hope you're not mad at me still.
SwordOfTheDarkOnes Report | 01/01/2015 4:34 pm
I'm sorta lurking around...hope life's treating you well.
None for me thanks Report | 10/10/2014 9:15 pm
None for me thanks
At the same time I don't want to upset the people who play them.
None for me thanks Report | 10/10/2014 2:53 pm
None for me thanks
Our current Gluttony and Wrath are not around enough.

I'd make a better Sin.

A big special thank you goes out to Envious Eve! My dear you are the world to me right now! Thank you, thank you so very much for this wonderful gift, I never thought I would have again! With much love and respect, I owe you big time. ^^