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Let love guide the way across the stars for you and I
With you baby all the way, with you till I die.
My forever has been found.
I his water and he my ground.

This section I introduce you to my O.C. Kiro.

Welcome dear sojourner, you have come from afar and I shall catch you from here.
Follow me to Club Purgatory for an unforgettable experience of life and laughter and memories made.
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I am Kiro, your host and peacekeeper of this realm, I have a lot to share but shall begin simple.
Long ago my birth began and I am one of the old ones that slumbered and awoke when space began to expand. My long life to you was short to me, I grew too fast for my core to keep up and collapsed into the stellar death phase.
From it, due to size and mass I was reborn and now shine a light forever with my event horizon rings of hunger.

I am the man who set the cosmos on fire, my name by now is known well.

I have found the love of my life after my rebirth and am wed at last to mister right!
Besides running the most illustrious nightclub in the multiverse I also have been a busy bee designing things for everyone to enjoy!

Please don't let my ten foot height scare you, I am of no threat to you if you are respectful to me.

Welcome to the outer reaches of travel and I hope you will stick around, sojourner.


This section tells you a little about me.

Hello, I am Kiro!
I am in my middle to late 30's and was on Gaia since Gaia began its life, left and came back and this time forever! (or as long as Gaia lasts)
I am a guy and Gay and actually engaged to Verloki. Have been since 13/10/2021💕
I am so glad as now we finally get to spend our forever together, known him for over 5+ years and now we will stick.
I hail from Europe and speak a few languages.
As many know I am an artist and love to draw the hottest dudes though I rarely draw on Gaia mostly all RLC. You can contact me on that.
I also enjoy music and food and a healthy mix of party and rest.
My job is self employed and I am a jeweller/designer of fine things for men and women!
If people were interested to know me better, you can by talking to me.
When I am in a hangout/Club/Lounge thread I always go in character, anywhere else non specified as role-player's hangout I just am me.


I create/created items, I have been so fortunate as to work with epic people and stand in epic circles. Its a happy flex and I consider myself lucky!
I am responsible for the items Gladsome Terra, Cosmic Hind Of Avalon and Kiro's Sinful Salacubus. AND NOW Anurla's Stellar Awakening and Stellar Salacubus, This is a joint item with Metropol Rubbish. My recolours of my ORIGINAL items designed drawn and dreamt up by me are all below as is the comprehensive guide to wearing them!

How to wear Kiro hair!

More items are coming my empire is no where near done growing!

My very first Silver Scissors hair "A Stars Ascension" My exclusive hair! SOLD OUT!
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And the free recolour, "A Stars return."
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My Third hair " A stars Luminosity!"

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Fourth Hair: "A Stars Love."
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Fifth Hair: " A stars Promise."
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Sixth Hair " A Stars Dream."
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Cheerio o;


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Sad Wings Of Justice Report | 03/16/2023 8:58 pm
Sad Wings Of Justice
pretty avi as usual~
Sakura Kotoni Report | 03/16/2023 8:12 am
Sakura Kotoni
Thanks for purchasing~ heart
Mortalitasi Report | 02/24/2023 11:17 am
emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart thank you so much Kiro, you're awesome. Hugs for you too!
Heckin Big Snake Report | 02/18/2023 2:54 pm
Heckin Big Snake
Perfect color too... 🐍
Tomonari v2 Report | 02/17/2023 11:12 am
Tomonari v2
Love the name!
Heckin Big Snake Report | 02/16/2023 10:10 am
Heckin Big Snake
I love your hubbies new item
Radioactive Swamp Gator Report | 02/03/2023 11:24 am
Radioactive Swamp Gator
I gotta get ready for work in a minute so I'm about to head off, I'm afraid I am a bit of a Yeti, but I have ultimate empathy and love for my sun bug friends and fiance, glad you're pushing through but still gonna send you digi hugs. Be well, spring is springing!
Radioactive Swamp Gator Report | 02/03/2023 11:14 am
Radioactive Swamp Gator
I love the abbs! Sorry you're struggling though, Lute is the same, he's always gonna be a warm weather guy. I generally have him tucked on the couch with a special lamp that mimics daylight. Luckily the kids seem to have no issues.

Sending hugs man, sorry I'm not often on anymore, but glad to see your club so active and full of people.
Radioactive Swamp Gator Report | 02/03/2023 10:53 am
Radioactive Swamp Gator
You and Lute are looking mighty similar!
In the best way of course, hope you're well my friend!
Kiro_Shinigami Report | 01/27/2023 9:02 am
Added a new banger of a song. It fits me.

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