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Birthday: 06/28



Ahh, you've made it thiiiis far, Just click the link for a hangout where you can flex your roleplay muscles. Just read the rules and keep to em and jump in.

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Hello, I am Kiro, I am late 30's and one of the great old ones that simply wanted to remain on Gaia cause its given me both great chances and blessings (and to be thorns in sides and rattle my cane sometimes Ha Ha Ha~) and valuable friends, I am not often on anymore as I simply wish to cut my time spent doing anything that no longer fulfils me.

I am a Cancerian sun sign, Scorpion Moon sign and a Gemini Rising with Taurus in Venus sign, what that means is that I am Intune with my emotions and accepting of them, I do not repress them and will not be ashamed for them. I have sass and can be a bit much, but I am loving caring and if you get so lucky as to have me, a life long connection.
If you can handle all this, perhaps you are worthy.
We could get along or become bitter enemies, its up to you.

I am a little weary of people at times but when I feel safe I come out of my shell.
I can be loyal, I can be nice..I will watch and weigh everything more so now. I am too old for BS and high school antics.
I am not good with IRL social things much so you wont see me out of character Online respect that.

Besides having made items on Gaia I also make awesome items on IMVU. Ask for tags and if you are a nice person I'll add you.
I'm on IMVU to promote my things and have awesome model friends who help me and I help them. If I'm not taking pics with awesome people, I'm making things.

My heart is unavailable, I am keeping it for myself
I have close friends that get me and will protect me and that should do.
Not much of an extravert IRL, I enjoy my solitude. I am alone Lone wolf personality, not lonely.

Hobbies include, Music, Sci fi and anything space related, Cooking and creating art/items.

If you feel curious to know more, just contact me.


I create/created items, I have been so fortunate as to work with epic people and stand in epic circles. Its a happy flex and I consider myself lucky!
I am responsible for the items Gladsome Terra, Cosmic Hind Of Avalon and Kiro's Sinful Salacubus. AND NOW Anurla's Stellar Awakening and Stellar Salacubus, This is a joint item with Metropol Rubbish. My recolours of my ORIGINAL items designed drawn and dreamt up by me are all below as is the comprehensive guide to wearing them!

How to wear Kiro hair!

More items are coming my empire is no where near done growing!

My very first Silver Scissors hair "A Stars Ascension" My exclusive hair! SOLD OUT!
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And the free recolour, "A Stars return."
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My Third hair " A stars Luminosity!"

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Fourth Hair: "A Stars Love."
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Fifth Hair: " A stars Promise."
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Sixth Hair " A Stars Dream."
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Cheerio o;


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TomKat_Sky Report | 06/29/2024 8:28 pm

I know. I posted Late on the 28th.


TomKat_Sky Report | 06/28/2024 5:34 pm

yum_cupcake HAPPY BIRTHDAY! yum_cupcake

AshenWiitch Report | 05/20/2024 9:54 pm
It has been a very long time since I have seen your name. I hope you are doing well - Lix
Kuroshix Report | 03/18/2024 12:55 pm
let me knoow
Kuroshix Report | 03/18/2024 9:32 am
whaaa congraatzz!! send pics!!
Kuroshix Report | 03/18/2024 9:17 am
how ya been beauty?
Kuroshix Report | 03/18/2024 8:31 am
le~ smooch
Heartsalysa IV Report | 02/05/2024 8:54 am
Heartsalysa IV
Thanks for the purchase ~ heart
Verloki Report | 02/05/2024 7:10 am
Nahh. It's all dainty AF in order to blend in with the local melancholic civilization of this ghost town.
IDS Wheatley Report | 12/31/2023 8:14 pm
IDS Wheatley
Thank you Ki. I know I am seeing this super late, but I appreciate it so so much.

Happy New Year, my friend :>

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