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Keeper of The Apple Avi- Aries Usagi
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Useless Bio

Life: Two Decades + Five years old

I am of average height 5ft and 8in


I have a degree and I can tell you playing with polarized capacitors can be dangerous but also fun in a controlled setting.

If you can deal with a socially challenged person like me then... I love you. We are friends now ( ' w ' )

Got enough downs that I need a therapist, but everyone has problems.
I just want to make enough money to be stable, pay for therapy, and get a dog.

I have no specific music taste except I hate country music. Dub-step is getting on my nerves slowly. Miss me with that Nightcore stuff, ew. I'll still like you even if we have different music tastes though. But... ehhhhh

I like anime, however, I'm kinda picky nowadays.
Fandoms ruin stuff. Nuff said. Got back into manga

I like videogames, I'm pretty much open to anything BUT
FPS and Horror games. Currently playing Genshin Impact when I can as if late. I am the lucky few that secured a PS5 the year it launched. Walmart had a bunch of restocks in December.

I love art and I do very much so draw, you can see it on my Instagram: lat3esh.

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Dem Cool Kids★☆★

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-Aries Usagi-
Darui Storm
x-D o o m K i t t a y-x

Who are you?! ԾAԾ;;

Oh somebody's here...◉‿< Hey there.

Hey... I see you. Wassup.


What is this???

W-What the hell?! Are you stalking me??? Why is my avi on your profile?

Answer: Sorry to disappoint, but you're seeing yourself because of magic *sparkle* *sparkle*. While I do like profile hopping, I ain't one to obsess. Especially if we ain't friends yet. Then I may consider showering you in my love and affection, roast your azz, or both. LMAO