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Hi my fellow gaians. My name is Chris.
I'm 29 years old.
I work in aviation as a mechanic, but I'm slowly trying to transition into Worship Leadership at my church.
I enjoy singing and playing music in my spare time as well as video games like Destiny 2.
I've been on and around Gaia Online since 2005. Slowly dipping my feet back into the water as I was on a nine year hiatus.

Well that about wraps it up. Enjoy your time on Gaia Online!

Donaters: KLN - 500gg
Jynchs - Were Tail
[Alchemize] - 2000gg
Strawberry Massacre - 30,000gg <3
Nightmare Angelicus - 1000gg
NotMaddi - 294,000gg heart
-l- Master Chris -l- - 30,000gg
l Legend l - Chestplate of Arachne & 15,000gg
Baby Got A Gun - 100,000gg
K A W A I I_Cosplayer - 1000g
Dicks Decapitator - 100,000gg
D e a r i n s a n i t y - 17,000gg
The-Anarchist-Dream - 48,000gg
Sophoronia - 13,000gg
Irish Faerie - 20,000gg
Irawrzsaya - 5000gg

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My Life Condensed Into A Journal

This is my life you are welcome to read about it.


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lou the master

Report | 08/09/2023 6:56 pm

lou the master

*Boop* I will be haunted by my actions forever hoot hoot :3
lou the master

Report | 07/30/2023 10:32 pm

lou the master

Hello again! :3
lou the master

Report | 07/24/2023 10:31 pm

lou the master

Yep! c:
lou the master

Report | 07/23/2023 11:04 pm

lou the master

I'm doing alright 030
lou the master

Report | 07/23/2023 1:00 pm

lou the master

How are you?!:3
lou the master

Report | 07/22/2023 8:47 pm

lou the master

Hello! o3o
fn pig

Report | 06/02/2023 8:52 am

fn pig

Haha! I made an Hubris avatar like the one I made for you. BUT LIKE BETTER.
fn pig

Report | 06/02/2023 7:52 am

fn pig

Lol okay, weirdo.
fn pig

Report | 06/02/2023 7:40 am

fn pig

Dandelions aren't blue! Gaia so color confused.
fn pig

Report | 06/02/2023 7:39 am

fn pig

Dandelion? eek

Lol what


Your friendly neighborhood wholesome CB’er.

You can find me in Rally 3 or Q&A. ^_^