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Muscle-stud kenji Report | 07/17/2022 5:01 pm
Muscle-stud kenji
Hello there how are you doing today
Muscle-stud kenji Report | 07/16/2022 11:26 am
Muscle-stud kenji
Hello there how are you doing today I came to say hi to you
Ebony Bull Report | 07/14/2022 10:14 am
Ebony Bull
Muscle-stud kenji Report | 07/10/2022 11:26 am
Muscle-stud kenji
Wow that's awesome
Muscle-stud kenji Report | 07/10/2022 6:35 am
Muscle-stud kenji
Good morning to you too
Muscle-stud kenji Report | 07/09/2022 7:57 am
Muscle-stud kenji
Good morning how are you doing today I came to say hi to you
Himbo Maid Report | 07/08/2022 5:13 pm
Himbo Maid
Pretty good. biggrin
Muscle-stud kenji Report | 07/05/2022 12:46 pm
Muscle-stud kenji
You're welcome cutie 😘😘😘😘
Sensei Norisu Chyaku Report | 07/05/2022 11:24 am
Sensei Norisu Chyaku
You too, happy belated. How are you
Himbo Maid Report | 07/05/2022 10:39 am
Himbo Maid
How've you been? biggrin


Hello old friends, new friends, and future friends. thank you for checking out my profile

You can call me Ms Sundgu. I am a 33- year old female from US, born under the starsign of Libra.

I enjoy funny stuff such as comic books and strips. i like hearing jokes and listening to my favorite music. I do not watch tv; instead I prefer watching youtube channels and listening to podcasts.

I have a sweet tooth, especially for Italian, French, American, Chinese and Japanese confections. i also enjoy trying different foods. my favorite cuisines include American, African, Mexican, Italian, Japanese Chinese, Jewish, Greek, Turkish, Mediterranean, and Indian.

sharing with others makes me happy. I like helping others find whatever they are searching for, and amusing others with games. donating to others also makes me happy.

In my spare time I enjoy drawing, art, and writing about miscellaneous topics. if there is more you would like to know, please feel free to ask. Have a wonderful day ~

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Ms Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko

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