| a list of what you might want to know...but probably not. |

name: Carlos L
age: 29 | looks: 19 | acts: 13
height: 6'2" | what kind of Asian: Filipino | body type: squishy | my voice: [insert here]
known hobbies: anime, cooking, macro photography, building gunpla, & sleeping
sports I enjoy: volleyball, bowling, & biking | music I like: kpop, EDM, & 90's hip hop/r&b
conventions I staff at: AnimeNEXT & Otakon | what I do for work: currently unemployed

about me.
I've been on Gaia since '04. This account was originally a mule I turned into a permanent user.
I can be random or perverted during conversations, but if you want to be serious too, PM me.
Apologies in advance if I'm not as interesting as you may think I am. I'm, unfortunately, not a man of many words. Usually.

face. (newest photo on top)
New haircut (9-7-14)
At Grounds for Sculptures (8-14-14)
At UMF Korea (6-14-14)
Cherry blossom redemption (4-14-14)
At Washington DC (4-4-14)
First sunny day of 2014
Last selfie for 2013
Starting fresh
Playing with photobooth stickers
First time blonde
Kpop Idol?
In my Tiger Kigurumi
My "new" hair

deviantart: OnTheRice + tumblr: Mokky Mokky
snapchat: ontherice