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Esme Marie Cullen Report | 07/16/2019 1:15 pm
Esme Marie Cullen
I’m feeling better now, although I’m still weak. Thanks for the well wishes.
1littlewolfy Report | 07/12/2019 3:38 am
You're very welcome for the hug. 3nodding heart *more hugs*
I'm still healing up but slowly getting better. Tired but spirits are good. Got a new puppy on 6/29. Have pics in the Gumdrop Elves Guild.
Will be getting the pup's 1st cousin this weekend so he'll have a playmate to grow up with. So, my daughter's 3 year old Border Collie is going to be in for a big surprise when we bring that one home too. blaugh
How are you?
kazuwolf11 Report | 07/12/2019 12:19 am
Hello how are you?
Skyailia Report | 07/11/2019 1:36 pm
**smiles and waves back** yeah we have our 4 babies....Big Mo is the oldest and biggest at 7 and 17 pounds.....Milo is the baby of them all Dio got him after we lost our little MaiTai....he was from the shelter and has finally learned what it is to be a cat after being stuck in a cage for the first months of his life....
Simply Keira Report | 07/10/2019 8:36 am
Simply Keira
Happy to hear from you!~
Heavens no, my kitties do not get along at all. They've been together for almost 15 yrs, and my boy would still
be happy as an 'only child'. He's never liked his sister, and she is one of the sweetest, gentlest cats I've ever had.
I don't get it at all.
I see a slow decline in him weekly (brain tumor). Doesn't seem to be in pain, but so hard to tell w/cats. I already realize
that I'll have to take him to the vet 1 final trip, but not dwelling on that.
Take care!~ heart
Simply Keira Report | 07/08/2019 8:44 am
Simply Keira
I've been wondering about you! Hope all is going well. heart
Maddy-Mazey Report | 07/07/2019 7:14 pm
Awww, I think of you often as well! How have you been? User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
EthereaI Whisper Report | 07/05/2019 12:22 am
EthereaI Whisper
hi i'm good im a little tired ,hope ur doing well
Pearl Points Report | 06/28/2019 2:14 pm
Pearl Points
Esme Marie Cullen Report | 06/28/2019 6:48 am
Esme Marie Cullen
I’m feeling better - no headaches with the fever 🥵. I’ve lost some of my appetite but, I think it’s the heat. I need a job so I can be in air conditioning 😝 . It was nice hearing from you. Do you have any plans ahead for this weather? We’ve been getting a lot of rain in the area and flooding. I’m not worried - i’m On high ground. Back in the 70’s there was a rainfall of over 40 inches but, my house didn’t get wet. Back then, there was a huge weeping willow approx. 100 years old in the front yard.

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