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Queentintin Report | 02/12/2019 3:30 pm
Ty heart for gift basket 3nodding
Yogurt Man Report | 02/11/2019 4:49 pm
it was rockville lol. I'm from San Diego. As a result I don't really own any pants so when I did go outside I was wearing shorts and was pretty nipped. There was one other guy there that I recall was wearing shorts and I asked where he was from and he said new hampshire lmaooo. and he was like "yeah this is really comfortable weather" what a madman.
indoor projects because you can't go outside from the cold? LOL
ikr it was great. the even better part is our mutual """""friend""""" missed it by one post. Get ******** cucked!
Yogurt Man Report | 02/09/2019 7:07 pm
I'll say! They'll eat up drama when they get to bully someone else but then cry like a little b***h if they're ever a victim. ******** weenies.
I've been great! Life's mostly been busy with work but I try to break up the monotony with other random things, going hiking, attending concerts, etc. I went to Maryland last month to hang out with a bunch of ******** nerds from the internet, that was a lot of fun, despite the cold.
What about you?
Yogurt Man Report | 02/09/2019 12:44 pm
dang I just went through my entire PM inbox, I wanted to thank you for always being a good friend!

to hell with those nerds who always were causing shitty drama.
ozkur Report | 01/31/2019 5:40 pm
I hear that. Too bad I don't like fish much, I'm trying. Made fish taco's last night. I ate leftover shrimp stir-fry. blaugh
ozkur Report | 01/31/2019 2:29 am
This is true! NO ALCOHOL and he's well aware. As for red meat, we try not to eat a lot but when you have a freezer full, SELL IT! LOL
Want to buy some grass fed beef. question
ozkur Report | 01/30/2019 3:24 am
Nawwww, no strict diet. Although, he should really not drink beer. xd
We do try and eat foods that are low purine foods, like not a lot of processed foods.
Queentintin Report | 01/29/2019 5:20 pm
Oh ok, well that can be bothersome! know it makes sense , your worrying 3nodding
Queentintin Report | 01/29/2019 11:36 am
lol idk why you are complaining my whole yard is covered with at leasr 2 feet of snow lol , I have to use my snow shoes to get anywhere outback ! 3nodding but no worries biggrin
ozkur Report | 01/29/2019 3:05 am
He got some gout crystals removed, so a repair. They removed like 7, 2 of substantial size.
Gouty Tophi eek

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