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Lunescera Report | 11/01/2023 9:14 am
You're welcome!
GhostlyWhisp Report | 10/24/2023 1:01 pm
Of course~ Happy to buy!
Miyoshii Report | 01/31/2023 11:58 pm
Sorry for the late little girl is Hope. Sebastian likes sitting on the window sill looking out at the front ...right now it is snowing. We give treats too. Draco is a cuddler. Hope cuddles.
Swimming twice a week at the indoor pool. Hoping to improve flexibility and stamina. May I ask what you really wanted for Christmas? Good snow day for baking some treats...use the bread maker,
make something that smells good. Hope to see you on sometime... biggrin
Chucky want to play Report | 01/12/2023 4:14 pm
your welcome thx for buying love <3
CinnamonToasted Report | 01/11/2023 11:46 am
You're very welcome biggrin
Miyoshii Report | 12/17/2022 8:56 pm
Hello ~ Your fur baby Draco must be adorable. I was watching dog videos today. I have two cats ...maybe one day...if my health stays good, biggrin
Miyoshii Report | 12/13/2022 2:21 pm
gaia_sakura Hello ~ It has been a while since I logged on. I will be on more often knowing that there are friends still here. How have you been? I have two cats, one boy Sebastian getting older. One girl, Hope 4 years old. Do you have pets? I have always had a cat or more. Ha ha. Got the tree up and decorated. Taking it easy. Hope you are well. gaia_pawstamp
Twili Midona Report | 11/27/2022 6:51 pm
You're quite welcome. heart
Patty_Fluer Report | 11/27/2022 1:09 pm
You're very much welcome. Thanks. You too.
Miyoshii Report | 08/20/2022 12:33 am
gaia_pawstamp Hello ~ Nice to meet you. We have a mutual friend Mystical kitty cat. I love cats ...I have two fur babies. If you like to add me as a friend...I would be honored to have you as my friend.~ gaia_sakura


Sadly most of my friends are inactive & removed from list. I do not know where everyone went. Hoping to make some new friends and to having fun on Gaia Online! I enjoy Anime, Manga, Cats, All types of music, some cartoons, and enjoying going out to enjoy places and things!


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